Wednesday, January 31, 2007

I'm Coming Pillow...

I'm so tired, my head is pounding, the husband is working nights and I can actually hear my bed calling my name.

I apologize for not posting in a couple days - on Thursday I will post, I promise.

For now I must surrender myself to my big comfy bed, fresh 600 thread-count sheets, and sweet, sweet sleep.


Monday, January 29, 2007

Ali, Your Candy Heart Says BE GOOD!

It's not too surprising that "Be Good" is what your candy heart says. You've probably been hearing it all your life. From your third grade teacher, to your last serious relationship, there's just that little bit of mischief about you that keeps people on their toes. Could be the glimmer that your eyes get when you think of doing something you're not exactly supposed to be doing, like sneaking the last cookie from the plate or secretly filling your glass with the final sips of wine?

Were your parents reluctant to leave you at home without a chaperone? But overall, it's that impish sense of good fun that keeps people enamored by your charm.

People can't help but want to be around you. So when loved ones throw their arms around you, they really do mean it — even if their parting words are always, "Be Good."

*It's almost eerie how right quizzes are when you fill them out honestly - impish, parents reluctant to leave me alone, mischievious? So Ali.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

These Are a Few of My Favourite Things...

I have an infatuation with all things pickle and olive related. Well, that's not true - I loathe bread and butter pickles (or yum yum's as some people call them) but otherwise the green things and I get along great. Bick's Mini Crunch'ems with garlic - to die for!
Candles - I have them all over my house - these ones are in my fireplace. Every winter the husband begs me to let him make an actual fire in the fireplace, but candles are more romantic and way less messy. Sorry husband - the candles are there to stay!
I figure Reggie will appreciate this one...this is an old Carolina Panthers jersey of the husband's. I stole it several years ago and it is now one of my favourite things to lounge around the house in.
Pictures and moments like this - when you can look at the sky and see the sun streaming through the clouds...and you realize that you are just one tiny part of the universe - it can make you feel so small, and it always makes me feel that there is so much more than what we have here on earth.

I have so many other favourite things...kisses that leave you breathless, that first moment when you see someone in an airport that you have been waiting for, clean socks, slippers, getting praise for doing a good job, making someone feel good about themselves, milk chocolate, slipping between fresh sheets (especially after you've just shaved your legs and lathered yourself with lotion - sorry guys, you might not get that one), getting letters in the mail, my brother and I laughing so hard that we both start crying, my camera, all the people in my life...I could go on forever about my favourite things - but for now I'll leave you with those.

What are your favourite things?

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Yes, I'd Like Bubbles in My Bath

It was just one of those days.
Those days when you come home exhausted and all you want to do is wrap yourself up and be cozy.

This week at work there has been one drama after another. Of course, I usually enjoy that sort of thing, but this time there are some fairly significant changes being made. I'm a little leary, but I'm hoping that these changes will be beneficial to us all in the long run. (Fingers crossed everyone.)

Anyhoo, there isn't a terrribly large amount of work to be done - though I do have a ton of stuff I'm trying to get through. The designers are in a bit of a lull right now, but they've been that way for the last two weeks and are in desperate need of some work. I keep telling them all that pretty soon we will be slammed with it, and there will be more than they can deal with. This is definitely the calm before the storm.

So yeah, I went in early today to try and make a dent in the pile of "very urgent papers" that are in 3 piles around my office. I had a long and boring conference call with an association we deal with. I went over one particular magazine (for the third time - and it won't be the last!) with a fine tooth comb. And just because of going in early all week and all the drama - I'm completely exhausted tonight.

Because I was so tired, by the time I came home I was a walking icecube and the husband went to run me a bath. I hauled in a bunch of candles, got out the bathtub head cushion thingie, filled the tub with Body Shop Satsuma bubbles, piled my hair up on my head, turned on the fan to drown out all of the other noise, turned off the lights and ahhhhhh, sank into a scalding hot tub.

I'm not sure why I love to have a bath in scalding water - it's just always been that way. It usually takes me at least 5 minutes to ease my way in, and sometimes even 10. Today I didn't have the energy to slowly ease in, so I just dropped myself in the tub - not even noticing how hot the water was.

I closed my eyes, tuned out the world, and sank into a Satsuma induced tub coma - pure bliss. By the time I got out I was glassy eyed and stumbling, like I was either drunk or medicated and now I'm feeling sleepy. Nothing beats soft skin slipping between the sheets - I think I'm going to have a great sleep!

Goodnight all.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Just Leave the Money on the Table...

Have you ever wondered what it must be like to be a piece of fruit at a grocery store?
Everyone that comes in pokes and prods and molests you...and you don't even get dinner first.
Hundreds of germy, dirty hands will do whatever they please to you - smell you, pull at you, drop you and abuse you, and you have no choice but to sit there and let it happen.
You had no choice in how you would end up, never dreamed about being in a grocery store being violated day after day. And if you happen to be one of the "lucky" ones that gets picked to go home with someone; then much to your surprise, the cruel fate that awaits you is worse than your daily life in the store.
For just when you're feeling safe, nestled cozily in a basket of other chosen fruits, you will be mercilessly slaughtered, your skin cut away and your insides thrown out - and then your flesh will be feasted upon by hordes of people who have no feelings for you, but only of how good you taste in their mouth.
And if, for some superficial reason, you happen to be left in the store because you are bruised or not as brightly coloured as some of the others, you will be heartlessly thrown away or composted without a second thought.

No, my friends, the life of a piece of fruit isn't all bright lights and fantasy, but rather a cruel, heartless life of disappointment and death.

Now excuse me while I go slice myself a sweet piece of pineapple.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007


Hrmph, I'm feeling pouty.
Nothing really exciting has been going on to make me this way, and in fact nothing is even wrong - I just feel like being pouty.


I don't have anything thrilling to write about, have no entertaining stories to share, in general there is just not a whole hell of a lot going on in my life at the moment. That's not necessarily a bad thing I know - but lately I've been craving some excitement - and I'm having a hard time focusing, especially at work.

Exactly what I'm wanting to happen I have no idea. Happy with the husband? Check. Happy with the job? For the most part...check. Happy with the money situation? Nah - but that's pretty standard. Happy with myself? I guess... I really haven't been too creative lately - maybe that's what my problem is. This cold weather and primarily grey days are starting to get to me I suppose. Not feeling too creative.

Ah well, there are worse things that could be going on, that's for sure.

So for now I will just be content to pout until I either snap myself out of it, or something happens.

But you know what? Even though I'm pouting, I'm still pretty happy, go figure...

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Concert Review

The Tragically Hip concert last night was awesome, as per usual. They sang a few songs you don't usually hear them sing in concert, which just happened to be some of my favourites, so that was great.
There was all the usual stuff going on that you would expect at a Hip concert; the group of guys two rows in front of us that were falling-down drunk and high-fiving each other every 30 seconds, the group of guys behind us that kept yelling at every girl "you're hot!," the group of people beside me in our row passing around a huge joint between them (and that got caught by security - which also always happens), the girls who are dressed like they're on their way to a hooker convention instead of a concert, the one crazy guy (or girl) who dances all by themselves in the aisle - but they're dancing to something that no one else can hear, and the couples (like me and the husband) who are just in jeans and t-shirts and are totally into the concert and singing every word.
Of course, I looked around enough to be able to see all those other groups of people, but to me, they are just part of the concert experience - and I love that they're all there with me. Because when a song comes on that everybody knows, and everyone screams when they hear the opening guitar riffs, and the lights start flashing, and everyone starts jumping and moving as one big thriving being, and we are all singing along - well that's what a concert is all about. It's amazing to look out at all those people (11, 500 last night) and know they're there for the same reason as you.
And they played one of my all time favourite songs "Long Time Running" which is slower and a bit lovier feeling (although it's not really lovey) than anything else, and then it's great to see the lighters and cell phones flick on, and all the wild guys calm down and sing in softer voices, and all the couples (us included) either hold hands or snuggle up and sway in time to the music.
I'm tired and hoarse this morning from screaming and singing all night, but I'm a content and happy person too - another great concert come and gone.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

What a Wonderful Day!

Today has been a great day so far, and very busy - which I like too. I was pretty tired when I got up this morning - I was up too late downloading music and reading blogs and that sort of thing last night - but I was up at 7:10.
One of the husband's friends is in town with his new girlfriend, so we picked them up and went for breakfast to this fabulous restaurant. I've been there several times with people from work, but the husband and Mike (the husband's friend) hadn't been there. It's this place called Cora's where they have this incredible menu of fruit, waffles, crepes, omelettes, toast and basically anything else breakfast related.
And the amount of food you get is crazy! I had a waffle (which I always get) that is the size of a dinner plate and covered in custard and fresh fruit and topped off with a dollop of whipped cream.
The food is to die for - but although it's so good, there is just no way I could finish my waffle. Those that know me (and tease me) know that I don't eat much when I go out for a meal. Sure, once in a while I can eat a huge steak dinner - but for the most part - especially at lunch - I have a hard time even eating half of what I get. Anyways, Mike's girlfriend Irene had a couple bites and we managed to eat 3 of the 4 sections.
After breakfast we headed to the mall and shopped for a couple hours, I returned a couple Christmas presents and got a new hoodie, some flip flops for Mexico, and...some new undies. I couldn't resist - they were so cute!
Then we came home and were here for about 20 minutes - then headed back out for a snack. Everyone else was hungry and decided to go for sushi - and even though I wasn't really hungry I went along. By the time we walked in the door I was craving a Philadelphia roll, so we sat and had a whole platter of sushi - soooooo good!
Now we're back home - Irene is napping on the couch, the husband and Mike are watching "Night at the Roxbury" and I'm writing to you guys.
Tonight we're going to a restaurant downtown called...uh, I can't remember...but it's a vegetarian retaurant which is supposed to be awesome! Then after that we're heading a couple streets over to go to The Tragically Hip concert. For those of you that don't know - the Hip are a Canadian band that the husband and I love, I don't even know how many times we've seen them in concert, but it's alot.
Tomorrow we'll probably go out for breakfast again, then I have about 3 or 4 hours worth of work to do. I had a new rule about not bringing work home anymore, but this time it just can't be avoided. It's too bad I can't go into the office and work - it seems I can't concentrate at all anymore if there is anyone around.
Anyways, my weekend has been great so far and the rest is shaping up the same - I hope you are all having a wonderful break from the regular world!

Friday, January 19, 2007

They Just Roll Off My Tongue

I've had this post as a draft for quite awhile - and I just checked out Reggie's blog, where he was explaining why he loves the word "mandible" so much, and I figured, "ah, why not just post it now?" So Reggie, I promise I'm not copying - these are just words that I love the sound of, but don't use too often in my daily communications (except Gemini - which I use a lot).


1. a slender graceful woman or girl.
2. an imaginary being inhabiting the air.

1. a constellation in the Northern Hemisphere containing the stars Castor and Pollux. Also called Twins.
2. a two-person U.S. spacecraft designed for orbital rendezvous and docking: used in 1965–66 in various experiments preparatory to a landing on the moon.

1. a characteristic of thought or behaviour peculiar to an individual or group; an eccentricity.
2. characteristic peculiarity of habit or structure.
3. an individual's allergic sensitivity or reaction to a drug, food, etc.

a person who organizes, puts on, finances, or sponsors a public entertainment, esp an opera, ballet, or concert.

said of a vehicle's rearview mirror: designed to lessen or prevent
the dazzling effect of other vehicles' headlights shining onto it from behind.

the educated class; the intelligentsia.

1. supreme happiness; utter joy or contentment: wedded bliss.
2. heaven; paradise: the road to eternal bliss.
3. theology. the joy of heaven.

1. a low, continuous sound, as of a brook, the wind, or trees, or of low, indistinct voices.
2. a mumbled or private expression of discontent
3. an abnormal sound heard on listening to the heart, usually through a stethoscope, produced by the blood passing through deformed cardiac valves.
4. to make a low or indistinct sound, esp. continuously.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Oh, Hello Pickle!

It's lunch time and I am soooo hungry!

I go out for lunch way more often than I should, but usually I don't spend a lot of money when I go - and that's how I convince myself that it's okay.
Anyways, on Monday night the husband and I went and got groceries because I got paid that day. We were in total dire straits in the food department, as in, there were 2 boxes of crackers, some OXO cubes, a can of mussels, 2 cans of salmon and some taco seasoning in the cupboards.
Since we weren't around much over the past month or so it hasn't really mattered, but we were really feeling the pinch last week.

Whoa, the topic was supposed to be lunch, sorry.
Long story short, we got groceries.

Okay, since yesterday's lunch was so gross, I decided to pack a delicious assortment of things I love for lunch today. Those are my favourite kinds of lunches, little odds and ends and tiny containers filled with different things. I get too bored if I just have one thing.
So today consisted of: a Dole Cranberry/Raspberry fruit juice, a small Ziploc of chips, a huge Navel orange, a chocolate pudding, and a tiny container of baby pickles. Maybe not the healthiest lunch ever, but in my opinion, the most delicious.

So I kicked my feet up, slouched down in my chair, watched the world go by through my window, and didn't answer any emails or any phone calls - it was a perfect lunch.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Word Vomit

I'm kind of drawing a blank as to what to write about today...I know I just did this last week, but I think it's going to be another random thought kind of day. So, without further ado...

1. The husband went and picked up our tickets for Mexico today! I am so psyched - one month from today I'll be slicing through the pacific ocean with my snorkelling gear on - taking in all the wonders of the aquatic life and trying to yank down the husband's shorts.

2. We went to a restaurant at lunch today that I've never been to. The atmosphere was great, the colours were great, they played great music the whole time - but my food tasted like butt.

3. One of my best friends is getting married this summer. She has asked me to be a bridesmaid - along with 5 others. She says she wants us all to wear short black dresses and be "sexy bridesmaids" - not trashy, but sexy. I'm kind of excited, I haven't been in a wedding party for a few years.

4. Tonight I had the ultimate kids meal for supper. Kraft dinner and a hotdog. But I don't eat hotdogs like everyone else - since I was little my dad and I have always eaten them the same way: Cook them, slice them in half, lay them on a piece of bread, put a cheese slice on top, followed by another piece of bread, then dip it in barbeque sauce. Hmmmmm, so good.

5. I'm really into music right now. I always DO like music, but right now I'm getting into some stuff that I never would have listened to before. Discovering new music is like getting a bag full of presents; not only do you find a band or singer you like, but they have tons of tracks you'll probably like too.

6. I really need a haircut. Not to get lots cut off, but just a trim. I hate winter hair. Even though it's healthy it just never looks as shiny as it could. Hmm, maybe if I just don't wash it for a few days, then it could shine with grease...

7. My office at work is freezing. Since I have the corner office in our space there are huge windows on two sides - now, it's cold on a regular day, but with the weather as freaky as it has been, I am literally an ice cube sitting at my desk. A nice work friend climed up on my desk and closed the vents (which were actually blowing cold air) which helps, but I've been walking around with a blanket around my shoulders and today I was wearing a pair of gloves at my desk. The stupid part is that if we turn up the heat to warm up my office then everyone else boils - I just can't win.

8. I'm thinking that maybe I have a touch of OCD. Just a touch - but enough so that one of the guys at work was teasing me about it. So what if I have to run into Zig's office to straighten his blinds because they are driving me nuts? Who cares if I have to re-hang someone's bulletin board because it's off a quarter inch? And is it really so bad that I have to straighten my files every time someone bumps into my bookcase?

9. My apartment is still messy. Is anyone actually surprised? I got some stuff done this weekend - but it was stuff that no one else sees, so it looks like not much got done. I wasn't kidding a while ago when I said I will most likely be running around Thursday night before our company gets here on Friday.

10. The husband and I have been having a lot of fun together lately. Maybe it's because we've been cooped up in the house, but we both seem to have gone a little squirrely. He's been really good at making me laugh, doing all sorts of crazy things. Tonight he was watching the American Idol show where all the terrible people sing and telling me that he should try out. Then he was practicing what he would do for the judges. He is absolutely terrible in the singing department - but I was busting a gut laughing at him.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Oh Brother

My little brother is quickly turning into one of my favourite people in the world. Of course - he always was since we're siblings and all - but he's now becoming one because of the person he is turning into.

I was an only child until I was twelve, when the brother made his first appearance into the world. He came into my life just when I was becoming that "brimming with attitude nightmare" that most girls turn into around that age.

I was mean to him when he was young, probably because I ended up resenting him a little - being the perfect age to babysit meant that I had him a lot. When he was a toddler he used to beg me to take him with me when I went out, to which I was always very snotty - who needs a kid tagging along when they're hanging out with friends? And yet, he has always loved me unconditionally, even when he was too young to talk. I remember him being 3 years old and yelling at my parents to "leave my sister alone" when we were fighting.

If I was going through some sort of teenage earth-shattering experience, he would intuitively know that something was wrong. He would climb up on the couch and tell me everything would be okay - and he would hug and soothe me like he was an adult.

He turned 14 in July and is now in high school (grade 9). He's making awesome grades, plays sports, has a little girlfriend who he just bought flowers for last time I was at home, and the best part is that he tells me everything. He's the exact opposite of how I was as a teenager. I would lie to save myself from getting into trouble for 5 minutes, whereas he will try to lie and then break down and tell you the truth 2 minutes later because he feels badly for lying.

Now when I'm home in Ontario or he comes into the city with my parents we have a blast together. We are always really silly, we wrestle and tease and laugh hysterically - I can't believe how much fun he is to hang out with. This past year he has shot up about 6 inches, has lost his baby fat, grown his hair into this shaggy mop (which I tease him relentlessly about - in fact, his Christmas present to me was to get it trimmed) and has turned into this cute, funny, smart and thoughtful teenager. I realize that I sound like his mother, but in a way, I feel like I am.

Now I wish we could have been closer in age so that I could have spent more time with him when he was becoming this cool person.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

I Can't Possibly Be Expected to Be Productive Now...

It's still freezing, I'm still in my jammies, the husband is now sleeping, I am looking around my rather messy apartment in despair knowing that the sooner I start cleaning the sooner it will be over, but I just don't feel prepared to tackle it yet.
Why don't I feel prepared you might ask? Sigh, well if you must know, my coffee situation is just not up to par today.

Every morning I get up and have a whole routine that I follow when getting ready for work. On the weekends that routine varies, but one thing always remains the same. Having coffee. Not just coffee, but coffee prepared in such a way and with such ingredients that, if prepared correctly, can determine how productive my entire day will be.

Last night as I crawled into bed I realized that I forgot to buy half and half. Boo. That is the first major no-no when it comes to a good cup of coffee (in my opinion of course). That kind of stupid things drives me crazy - I drove by 25 stores today, and even convenience stores carry it, but I was being dumb and forgot to stop in and grab some.

This morning I woke up to sounds of the husband getting home from work but decided to stay in bed a couple more hours while he slept too. I always sleep better when he's home; I feel more safe - plus, he's like a furnace and I'm always cold!

Anyways, as I'm lying there realizing that he started snoring 30 seconds after his head hit the pillow and that I'm not going to be going back to sleep anytime soon - a lightning bolt hits me!
Reggie posted this a while ago - listing his favourite things to put in coffee, in order of preference. And I distinctly remember him saying that he put evaporated milk above half and half.

I jumped out of bed, pulled on my slippers and made a beeline for the kitchen. Sure enough, I found a can of evaporated milk buried in my baking cupboard.
I excitedly made a pot of coffee (silently cursing Reggie that if I turned out liking this more than half and half then I would probably start using it daily, and that it probably had 50 times more calories) and very impatiently waited the 2 minutes it takes my coffee pot to make coffee.
I poured the first cup and added the evaporated milk, brought the cup to my lips, and...yuck! I was greeted with the most hideous blend of baking tastes, coffee and sugar my poor body has ever been subjected to.
Of course, I took a couple more sips just to see if it would grow on me - but to my dismay (and happiness) - it did not.
So now I'm sitting here, choking down a cup of coffee with regular old milk, and it just doesn't do the trick. I need my half and half. But I don't think the people at the Mac's down the street would be too thrilled seeing me walk through the door in my jammies, greasy hair, huge winter boots, flasher-like winter coat and wearing no makeup.

In light of that I don't know if I will be able to clean today or not. Without the proper coffee required to do a good job, I just don't see how anyone can expect me to clean in any sort of acceptable way.

*Reggie, I am thrilled that evaporated milk does the trick for you in your coffee - right about now I'm wishing that I liked it as much as you. Please don't be offended at my description of how much I despise it...I still like you - very much! ;)

Friday, January 12, 2007

My New Lipstick is a Lovely Shade of Blue...

Holy fricken freezing - it is so bloody cold today!
I know Zig already wrote about this, but it's what is foremost on my mind today since I am sitting in my office literally shivering and I haven't been able to feel my toes since 6:45 this morning.

Okay people, remember when I said a few days ago that I wanted winter to be how it was supposed to be, i.e. chilly and beautiful? And I also said that I would definitely be complaining when it got that way because it's the nature of the beast to complain? Well this is that post - didn't have to wait long, did ya?

Are you shitting me? It even looks unreal when I type it.
I actually don't mind when it's a reasonable cold - but even my curb stomping boots that are good till -50 aren't working so well. The wind swirling around is the kind that sucks the breath right out of your lungs as soon as you step out the door. The air is so cold, that even a minute without your gloves on results in aching hands and maybe even frostbite. The first settlers to this area must have been have bred from a family of yetis or something.

Although Bruce ( my car) was plugged in, he did not sound impressed at having to start in order for me to get to work this morning. The husband did not sound impressed about having to drive me to work either. Most of the schools are closed, the school buses are cancelled, lots of people aren't at work because their cars didn't start...I wish my boss had called me to say that it was too cold to come to work today (insert pouty face and protruding bottom lip here).

My plan is that when I get home tonight I will pull on my fleece pj's and my hideous slippers, wrap myself in a blanket, crank the heat and take pleasure in the fact that I have nothing to do and nowhere to go this entire weekend. The husband is working nights so he will be sleeping during the day - it will be a perfect opportunity to appreciate winter - from inside my apartment, hiding from the cold, but looking out at the beauty of this wonderful season.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

An Obsession of Sorts

I have this little habit of buying underwear.
Not such a big deal right? Everyone needs underwear - well those of us that actually wear it that is.
However, ahem, my love of undies has turned into somewhat of an obsession in that I can't seem to stop buying them.
Each time I walk into a store that sells clothes I am bombarded with racks and bins of cute pairs - I can't help it!
I always seem to buy the same style, low-rise boy cut because they're the most comfy. Some are kind of plain, one or two colours with a little flower on the hip or something. Some are very descriptive of me - I have a pair with a description of a Gemini and another with a description of why everyone loves an Irish girl. Some are cute, come are sexy, but all are very colourful - I think I only have one pair that is actually white. Every store has something new and different, it's so hard to resist.
Is it stupid to feel sexier wearing certain kinds of undies? Even though no one else really sees them except for the husband? I guess it's because I know what's going on under my dress pants or ripped jeans or even sweats - so even if I'm dressed like a scrub I can still feel like a girly girl I guess.
In light of this post I decided to do a quick count of the pairs in my underwear was a little on the high side...I mean who needs that many pairs of underwear? I guess someone that only does their laundry a couple times a year...uh, Husband, don't be mad - you know that half the ones I buy are because I know you'll appreciate them...okay - the number of pairs of underwear in my drawer is...78.
And that's not including the ones in the laundry.
Maybe I should be going to counselling or something.
Do counselling classes really exist for people that can't quit buying cute underwear?
I'll have to look into it.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Check Out Those Manly Slippers...

I'm going out for a much needed night of just hanging with the girls in about 10 minutes.
The husband is cocooned in his chair looking quite pathetic - I wonder if he is trying to make me feel bad about leaving him alone on this chilly winter night.
He insists that he wants me to go, but how can I not feel just a teeny bit bad when he looks so pathetic? And cute of course.
Oh well, I really need some girl time, and we're going to watch a movie (which doesn't take too much mind power) and I won't be late.
Guess I'll make it up to him then (wink, wink).

Monday, January 08, 2007

Bloggity, Gobbledy Gook

My brain is not functioning well enough to create any sort of coherent post, so more random ramblings it is!

1. Finally winter is behaving as it should. Rest assured that I will be complaining about how much I despise it sometime this year, but the lack of snow and balmy temperatures we've been having were ridiculous to say the least. This morning was chilly, frosty and beautiful - as it should be.
2. Making friends with all my American blogger buddies is making me want to take a U.S. road trip to visit you all. I've been through a few states, but mostly the ones on the top edge of the country (camping in Montana - awesome!). The husband has visited a few more than me, but one day we hope to have visited them all.

3. My apartment is in a horrendous state of disarray right now. There are half packed bins of Christmas decorations, cases of water, bags of clothes, bills, winter attire and flyers strewn about everywhere. Essentially there is a path between each room...God help you if you step off the path - you could be lost for weeks! Or at least till next Thursday at about 11pm when I'm running around cleaning like a mad-woman because we are having guests next weekend.

4. My tummy hurts today where I had the surgery. I think I've been pushing it a little, not resting enough. It seems really sucky because it's not like I've been doing anything really physical, I just find that being awake and sitting up for too long makes me feel exhausted and achy.

5. Have you ever acted out what you would say to someone who intimidates you, like a boss, or parent or something, if you ever had the chance to say exactly what you feel? I do that once in a while and currently there is someone in particular that I would just love to give a piece of my mind to.

6. I swear a lot. Way too much. I'm like a trucker. The thing is that I can turn it off and on like a tap if I need to. So why don't I just turn it off and leave it off you might ask? I really have no idea - it's not very feminine to have such a sailor mouth, hmmm, maybe I should have made it a New Year's resolution...nah, I never would have done it.

7. Tonight when I came home I walked in the door and took off my layers of outdoor winter clothes. Then I started peeling off everything else as I walked towards the bedroom, jumped in my jammies, put on the husband's slippers because I was too lazy to look for mine, grabbed a Pepsi and a Terry's chocolate orange and parked myself in front of the computer. It is 6:43 right now so I've been sitting here for an hour and 13 minutes. There are 2 more resolutions out the window.

8. The husband and I are trying to decide what to do about the whole doctor/surgery/negligence thing. Half of me wants to just suck it up and accept that this happened and keep trying to get pregnant with the specialist we have. The other half is screaming that we can't just let this go...there were some interesting developments in our meeting with above mentioned specialist - how can I just say it's okay that I'm missing body parts and could have died?

9. The notices that our passports are ready came in the mail today - we can go pick them up tomorrow. That makes me excited about our trip - only 5 weeks away!

10. I'm super tired - I may go have a quick nap before the husband gets home from work. Yes, a nap sounds delicious, have a wonderful evening.

Friday, January 05, 2007

Cranky, Cranky, Cranky

I am cranky.
Boy am I cranky.
It's been one of those weeks.
You know the kind where you have lots to do but you can't do it because you need other people to do their job so that you can do yours?
I got yelled at by my boss today.
I have never been yelled at by a boss.
She is getting crapped on from the big boys, hence all the crap is running to the bottom of the hill.
Right where I sit.
The unfair part is that I didn't really do anything wrong (neither did the other two people that got yelled at).
I guess she was just having a bad day, so she had to take it out on someone else.
It happens. Whatever.
Ugh, I am sooooo cranky.
The husband and I have decided to head to Ontario tonight for a couple days of sanity.
He will spend tomorrow ice fishing with his dad, using his new fish finder gadgety thingy.
I will spend the day with my mom, we're heading to this little city in Minnesota - I am in dire need of a Target shopping spree.
But...I'm so cranky.
I don't think tonight will be a fun 3 hour ride home.
Wish my husband luck.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Words Can Not Express...

Sometimes the generosity of the human spirit totally overwhelms me.

It's always when I am at the end of my rope, frustrated and usually sick of what is going on around me. I don't get down like that alot - but of course, lately I have had my share of not so happy events. I loathe feeling the way I have been, but I do understand that if there were never any difficult or unhappy moments - no one would appreciate the good ones either. They would become the rule as opposed to the exception.

Over the past several months I have been supported in so many ways by the people that I physically see and deal with on a regular basis. These people have been wonderful, without them I have no idea what would have become of me - and I love and appreciate you all.

But what has astonished me more is the love and support that has come from the people who I have never met, who don't know me from Joe, but who have stepped out of the abyss of the internet to support me with their words. I have gone back and read the comments you all have left me many times, and each time I do I am dumbfounded by how amazing you all are.

Besides the comments on my blog - some of you (Teresa and Amy) have emailed me several times to leave me messages of encouragement and love. Each time I open my email I am thrilled to see an email from either one of you ladies.

Reggie and I will occassionally send a quick email from work, just to say hi and ask how things are going in each other's neck of the woods.

Zig has been supportive each day - letting me vent my frustration about the whole situation and just listening to all my gory details. He and Alyssa are wonderful, lending an ear and offering encouragement.

And now today I got an email from a relatively new person. Reggie's sister-in-law, of Peaches and Purls, sent me an email (and a little treat) that so touched my heart that I decided that I needed to do a post like this. As soon as I saw your message I began crying (as I do a lot lately) because you must be an amazing person to do what you did. I am touched beyond anything you could imagine.

All I can do is thank you all for your support and kindness. It's not enough, but it's all I have. Your willingness to comfort someone you don't even know will not be forgotten.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007


I got spoiled at Christmas.
I usually do, but this year I was very spoiled. It's funny, but of all the things I got, the pair of snake (at least I think they are snakes) mitts I got from the husband was one of my favourite presents.
I had been eyeing said mitts for a while - they are just so me.
There aren't tons of adults who would be willing to be seen with lime green snakes on their hands, but I have no problem letting the world know how dorky I am.
Already I have had several puppet shows with the mitts, and as you can see above, I have also been attacked. I think I will have to start an "Animal Mitt Obedience Class" to get them under control.

Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year!

Here we are again at the start of a New Year. A chance to start fresh and begin the year with a clean slate. And boy, do I need a clean slate right now. Emotionally, physically and mentally - I am in dire need of a makeover.
And so, without further ado, I give you *my resolutions for 2007.

1. Appreciate My Husband More.
Although I complain about him, and he drives me insane - the truth is that I love that man with every fibre of my being. He does everything I ever ask, listens to me, talks to me, loves me unconditionally...the list is endless; he deserves more appreciation from me.

2. Get Myself in Better Physical Shape.
I'll look better and feel better...and if I want to look hot when I'm a bridesmaid in my friend's wedding in June, then I need to get my ass off the couch now!

3. Have at Least 2 Dates a Month with the Husband.
Although we're together alot, we tend not to "date" as often as we should. I know from experience that the dates keep things more interesting.

4. Try Not to Let the "Great Baby Making Excursion" Influence My Entire Life.
Although a major part of my life - I'm still recovering physically, emotionally and mentally from recent events - I'm going to try my very hardest not to let it consume me. I do have a life that I love, and family and friends who love me just as I am - I really must try to remember that.

5. Finish the Book I've Been Working on the Last Two Years.
I love to write, it's my passion. But you have to be so disciplined to dedicate the time to write an entire book. This is where my Gemini-ness is both a blessing and a curse. I'm creative enough to do it, but totally lacking in focus. But it's driving me nuts not to be able to finish it - so hopefully this will be the year.

6. Bring Back "No T.V. Wednesdays."
The Husband and I started this last summer and we were faithful until the new fall season of t.v. started. The idea is that we are not allowed to watch t.v. at all, so after we come home from work we have to spend the evening doing something different each Wednesday. It was actually a lot of fun, it forced us to be more creative.

7. Create and Stick to a Budget.
We are terrible at managing money, we've gotten better in the last year but we have a long way to go - enough said.

8. Be a Better Friend.
I am one of the worst people for keeping in contact with friends. I don't call, I don't invite people over, I don't write. It's not that I don't want to, I love catching up with friends, it's just that I tend to be very lazy when it comes to making plans.

9. Read More.
That sounds so nerdy, but it's true. I love to read and I never take the time to do it.

10. Fill Out My Time Sheets at Work EVERY Day.
As it is now I do one giant timesheet at the end of each month. I remember most things and some I even have written down - but chances are (more like, most definitely) they aren't exactly what you would call "accurate."

*As much as I would love to see myself do each and every one of these things, I'm a realistic person - if I do 1 or 2 I'll be thrilled. Good luck to you on anything you have resolved to do!