Monday, March 08, 2010

Lawdy, lawdy, lawdy - Where DOES time go?

Remember when I used to post every single day, and sometimes I would even post twice a day? Way back when I was 26 or 27?
I'm so not capable of that anymore.

So what's been going on in my life? Both nothing at all, and more stuff than I could possibly tell you.

1. I've got freelance coming out the wazoo. Good thing I'm getting decent money for it though, or I might not be so okay with the wazoo abuse.

2. I went and bought myself a MacBook Pro. I'm in love. It's delicious and wonderful and it's really the first thing I've bought myself in all my years of freelance writing.

3. My uncle got hit by a pulp truck - or he hit it - on his snowmachine. The details are really sketchy as he can't talk right now. All I really know for sure is that he's got a trach tube, had deflated lungs, a bleed in his brain, and ended up with surgery consisting of 9 steel plates and 45 screws in his face. For now my dad is pretty much living at a hospital in Thunder Bay with his sister (my uncle's wife), until my uncle gets more stable and can be moved closer to home.

4. Ellery is mind boggling. Her vocabulary is amazing and she's as smart as a whip. It makes me tear up to think that she's going to be two in as many months.

5. My little brother is in grade 12 and is going to be 18 soon. I can't tell you what a weird feeling it was when that hit me a month or so ago. Sure, I've always known how old he was, but it just sort of HIT me one

6. For my 30th birthday in June I'm going sky-diving. Can't remember if I already told you guys that, but it's my plan. I've wanted to do it forever, and I decided what better time than when I turn 30? Don't worry, I'll update my life insurance beforehand.

7. Um, erm, that may be it for now...or at least that's all I can remember at the moment. Oh! My hair is getting super long now. It's almost halfway down my back, which for me is crazy!

I think that's it. Love and kisses to all.