Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Say Cheese!

Miss E is growing like a weed.
There is still the ongoing issue of no one taking pictures of her and I, so without those random times that I grab her and snap some of the two of us, there would be no photographic evidence that I exist.
In saying that, the other night she and I were home alone together and we were both in silly moods, so I decided to snap a few pictures.
Clearly she's scared of the flash now, and she's also entered into that weird age where when you tell her to smile or say "cheese" she offers this bizarre, squinty, tad bit crazy grin, which makes her eyes look like sliver moons and shows off her chipped front tooth.
That little ham kills me :)

Monday, January 04, 2010

Happy New Year, Dudes and Dudettes

Wow, it's hard to believe 2009 is really over. It was by far the fastest year of my life so far. In some ways the most difficult, and in others, the easiest. I thought a lot this year, about all kinds of stuff. I feel like I know myself a little better because of it.

True, I ignored my blog and pretty much everyone else's (especially over the last 6 months or so), and I'm sorry for that, but I think it may have been necessary for me. Just one last thing for me to stress about (though I actually did stress about it), while I was figuring some things out.

I haven't made any resolutions for 2010 per se, but I have made some decisions about what I'd like to change/do this year. I think I'll keep them to myself for now, just because all but one was pretty emotional to come by. The only one that wasn't difficult was the whole "eat three meals a day" thing, which you'd think that by 29 years of age, I'd have covered. Sadly, I do not. I still often end up only eating once, and paying for it when my body rebels.

Ellery is growing like crazy. And I'm sure everyone thinks their kid is amazing, but damn, she really is. She can speak in complete sentences, has a vocabulary like a three year old, knows the alphabet, can count to 13, knows her first and last names, how old she is, where she lives, and started potty training the day she turned 18 months. And she sings! Even does harmonies with me...and the dance moves, good grief! Never mind the typical baby that dances by bobbing their knees, this kid twirls and sways and shakes her little bum with amazing rhythm. For being 20 months old now, I'm stunned most days.

I really need to post some pictures on here soon, geez Louise...

Anyway, hope you all had a wonderful and healthy dose of holidays, and I wish you love and happiness for this year!