Friday, January 12, 2007

My New Lipstick is a Lovely Shade of Blue...

Holy fricken freezing - it is so bloody cold today!
I know Zig already wrote about this, but it's what is foremost on my mind today since I am sitting in my office literally shivering and I haven't been able to feel my toes since 6:45 this morning.

Okay people, remember when I said a few days ago that I wanted winter to be how it was supposed to be, i.e. chilly and beautiful? And I also said that I would definitely be complaining when it got that way because it's the nature of the beast to complain? Well this is that post - didn't have to wait long, did ya?

Are you shitting me? It even looks unreal when I type it.
I actually don't mind when it's a reasonable cold - but even my curb stomping boots that are good till -50 aren't working so well. The wind swirling around is the kind that sucks the breath right out of your lungs as soon as you step out the door. The air is so cold, that even a minute without your gloves on results in aching hands and maybe even frostbite. The first settlers to this area must have been have bred from a family of yetis or something.

Although Bruce ( my car) was plugged in, he did not sound impressed at having to start in order for me to get to work this morning. The husband did not sound impressed about having to drive me to work either. Most of the schools are closed, the school buses are cancelled, lots of people aren't at work because their cars didn't start...I wish my boss had called me to say that it was too cold to come to work today (insert pouty face and protruding bottom lip here).

My plan is that when I get home tonight I will pull on my fleece pj's and my hideous slippers, wrap myself in a blanket, crank the heat and take pleasure in the fact that I have nothing to do and nowhere to go this entire weekend. The husband is working nights so he will be sleeping during the day - it will be a perfect opportunity to appreciate winter - from inside my apartment, hiding from the cold, but looking out at the beauty of this wonderful season.


Blogger mr zig said...

Hey, the cold is good at the same time.. first of all when its this cold its always sunny... which looks nice, second - you can justify being a couch potato all weekend, which is totally awesome and what I will be doing too... Third it REALLY REALLY make you appreciate the summer!

I think you and I should send Reggie and official invitation to come and visit us right now - then his winter would not seem so bad to him anymore!

11:08 AM  
Blogger Logziella said...

wow...I have never had to experience anything like that!!

You should do the thing that Amos was talking about...throw hot water into the air and see if it freezes before it comes down. Take a picture too!

Stay warm!!! :0)

1:07 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I really didn't mind THAT much, seeing that my car is hardly putting out any heat right now....taking Bruce is just another way to stay warm. Plus, that's what husbands do.

2:40 PM  
Blogger j.k.a said...

OOoh....we have the same sort of "stay in all weekend with a stack of movies and make some poor sap come out in the cold to deliver pizza to us" plans!

enjoy your winter-appreciation weekend...:)

4:34 PM  
Blogger Amos said...

Holy frizoli, it's really cold. I was reading the first few paragraphs, thinking, heck Minnesota closes stuff when it's that cold and then you said it, School cancelled.

I wrote on Logzie's blog that weather like that is fun for science experiments. Like freezing an egg on the step. It takes less than 3 minutes to be rock hard. And throwing a cup of boiling water into the air and before it hits the ground it's ice. We did that when we lived up there. It made the time not so boring. I'm sure you all have some other good ones that you have thought of. Wrap up and stay warm if possible!

4:43 PM  
Blogger Ali said...

Hmmm, inviting Reggie to experience a "real" winter is a good idea Zig - I don't think he would be golfing today, LOL!
If I get ambitious tomorrow I may try that frozen egg or water trick - I will definitely post a picture if I decide to do it.
Anonymous (the husband), you are awesome and I love you - thank you for getting up on your day off and braving the cold for me.
j.k.a. - I'm with you - jammies all around!

10:00 PM  
Blogger Logziella said... said that your car was "plugged in". So you have one of those hybrid automobiles? What kind is it? How does it work? Educate me pleezz... :-)

Hi there Husband! You're a good man!

10:32 PM  
Blogger Ali said...

Hi Logziella,
Nope, I don't have a hybrid car - just a regular old (but new) car.
When I say it was "plugged in" I mean that I had the block heater plugged in. Uh, but now that I write that I remember that not all vehicles have a block heater - everything sold in Canada does I believe because of the extreme winter temperatures. I forget that not everywhere gets this cold.
All I know is that every winter I pull the little cord (a regular plug - like for inside your house) out from under the hood, and I plug it into an extension cord that is plugged into an outdoor powersource.
It somehow keeps the engine warmer or something...I don't really know how it works but now I'm curious, maybe I'll call my dad...

10:39 PM  
Blogger James said...

Have a good weekend Ali. If you watch any good DVDs let us know what you watched.
I have never named my car but as it is a Renault it would have a French name like Pierre or Merde-boit.

11:24 PM  

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