Friday, January 05, 2007

Cranky, Cranky, Cranky

I am cranky.
Boy am I cranky.
It's been one of those weeks.
You know the kind where you have lots to do but you can't do it because you need other people to do their job so that you can do yours?
I got yelled at by my boss today.
I have never been yelled at by a boss.
She is getting crapped on from the big boys, hence all the crap is running to the bottom of the hill.
Right where I sit.
The unfair part is that I didn't really do anything wrong (neither did the other two people that got yelled at).
I guess she was just having a bad day, so she had to take it out on someone else.
It happens. Whatever.
Ugh, I am sooooo cranky.
The husband and I have decided to head to Ontario tonight for a couple days of sanity.
He will spend tomorrow ice fishing with his dad, using his new fish finder gadgety thingy.
I will spend the day with my mom, we're heading to this little city in Minnesota - I am in dire need of a Target shopping spree.
But...I'm so cranky.
I don't think tonight will be a fun 3 hour ride home.
Wish my husband luck.


Blogger James said...

If he is a good hubby he will know just what to say to make you feel better....but he probably loves you anyway cranky or not

4:33 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hate those cranky days!

2:04 AM  

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