Sunday, January 21, 2007

Concert Review

The Tragically Hip concert last night was awesome, as per usual. They sang a few songs you don't usually hear them sing in concert, which just happened to be some of my favourites, so that was great.
There was all the usual stuff going on that you would expect at a Hip concert; the group of guys two rows in front of us that were falling-down drunk and high-fiving each other every 30 seconds, the group of guys behind us that kept yelling at every girl "you're hot!," the group of people beside me in our row passing around a huge joint between them (and that got caught by security - which also always happens), the girls who are dressed like they're on their way to a hooker convention instead of a concert, the one crazy guy (or girl) who dances all by themselves in the aisle - but they're dancing to something that no one else can hear, and the couples (like me and the husband) who are just in jeans and t-shirts and are totally into the concert and singing every word.
Of course, I looked around enough to be able to see all those other groups of people, but to me, they are just part of the concert experience - and I love that they're all there with me. Because when a song comes on that everybody knows, and everyone screams when they hear the opening guitar riffs, and the lights start flashing, and everyone starts jumping and moving as one big thriving being, and we are all singing along - well that's what a concert is all about. It's amazing to look out at all those people (11, 500 last night) and know they're there for the same reason as you.
And they played one of my all time favourite songs "Long Time Running" which is slower and a bit lovier feeling (although it's not really lovey) than anything else, and then it's great to see the lighters and cell phones flick on, and all the wild guys calm down and sing in softer voices, and all the couples (us included) either hold hands or snuggle up and sway in time to the music.
I'm tired and hoarse this morning from screaming and singing all night, but I'm a content and happy person too - another great concert come and gone.


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