Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Tidbits #14.5

Yesterday was my first day back at work - I'd been away for 13 months. Things are different around there, and not for the better. I'll leave it at that for the moment.

Tonight I went to Walmart in a desperate attempt to find a pair of shoes I've been looking for, for Ellery. There is a reason I need this particular pair, but it's a long story. Anyways, big surprise, they didn't have her size...and this was the 4th store I've checked.
While I was there leaned over my cart, resting my arms on the hand rest as I slowly meandered down an aisle, I noticed this guy staring at me. We were walking towards each other, and at first I was flattered since he was kind of cute. Then I remembered I was wearing an old sweatshirt, some saggy, ripped jeans, flip flops, and my hair in a sloppy, half fallen out ponytail and began to wonder why he was staring. I waited for him to look away as we got closer, but no dice.
As we were about to pass each other I realized that he was looking at my cart....no, wait...not at my cart exactly, but at where I was resting my arms. No, wait...he was looking at my chest! What?!?! I'm wearing a sweatshirt! As we passed each other, he finally looked up and winked.
I hurried past him, muttering to myself, then just happened to look down, thinking maybe I had spilled something on myself. However, once I glanced down I gasped, bolted upright, and turned back around, to where I could still see him.
Seems that my zip up sweatshirt had come a *bit unzipped...to reveal my um...assets...in a red lace bra.

Note to self: just stop going to Walmart - you always do something embarrassing in there!

My dad's retirement party was this past weekend - thanks for all the suggestions about what to get him! In the end I just gave him a card, in which I wrote how much I loved him, respected him, and appreciated him working so hard over the past 36 years to give my mom and brother and I everything we ever wanted or needed. I put it on his pillow before we left to come back to the city, and I'm sure we'll never speak of it. We're very close, but talking about that would have us both bawling.
On the party side of things, it seems not drinking for two years can turn you into quite the cheap drunk. By the end of my second drink I was toast. So I had about 7 more. It was a fun night, complete with the weaving walk home in the spring air at about one in the morning with the husband.

*I use this term loosely.


Blogger Princess of the Universe said...

Honey, call/write to me when you have a chance kay? xo

10:10 PM  
Blogger Chief Rock Chef said...

Sounds like you made that guy's day!

Mrs RC is very cheap to get drunk too - years of being pregnant or breast feeding saw to that!

4:41 AM  
Anonymous zack said...

you should blog about your job situation. Just do it in a way that's "sneaky" - like, write a story about visiting a long lost cousin or something - we will know that "cousin" = job... or something like that

5:33 PM  
Blogger Slyde said...

THAT was you????

wow, that was my luckiest trip to wall mart ever!

2:25 PM  

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