Monday, March 23, 2009

Changing the Rules

I don't know about anyone else, but I think there are just some things that are meant to be sacred. Things that you've grown up with your whole life, things that have been the same since you were a child, things that maybe your parents did, that always remain the same.

For me there are quite a few of those things, for instance: ketchup has to be Heinz brand, on Christmas Eve you get to open one gift, birthday cards that arrive before your birthday are saved to be opened on the actual day, there's only one fluorescent cheese in a jar that should be consumed, and that's Cheez Whiz - and other things like that.

Another one of those things is that Crest toothpaste is the only one used for the brushing of one's teeth. And it's not all the wild, crazy, new-fangled flavours, either - it's the regular old light blue paste, that has been around since Jesus was a boy.

When the husband and I moved in together, this was an issue. You see...he was raised a Colgate kid. With me being a Crest child, this became somewhat of a problem the first few times we had to buy toothpaste. There was a lot of me foot-stomping, and huffing, and hissing "I don't really care what you buy, but I will be brushing my teeth with Crest!"

Husband, smart man that he is, finally relented, rather than fight a losing battle, and has been brushing his teeth with Crest ever since. In the nine or so years since then, I may have wavered and bought the sparkly winter mint, or even gone so wild as to buy the whitening version, but it's always been Crest.

Until a couple months ago.

We really needed toothpaste, we were in a hurry, Colgate was on sale, and husband smooth talked me by showing me the shiny package that boasted about the breath-freshening strips inside the toothpaste, and then clinched the deal by letting me know the toothpaste was pink.

I rolled my eyes, and said that just this once, I would bend on my Crest rule. And I have to admit...I liked the Colgate. It really was pink, the breath strips looked all sparkly, and my breath smelled oh-so-fresh - so what was not to like? I was hit with a few pangs of guilt while using the Colgate, but I soldiered through them.

Last week though, we ran out of toothpaste again. Since husband's dentist had recently told him he should switch to Sensodyne, I was free to get what I wanted. So what did I do? I went back to Crest of course! I bought a huge tube of the Crest Pro-Health Clean Mint, and felt at peace. how do I put this tasted like ass.

Like ass dipped in fluoride, to be more precise.

And the next day I threw that Crest in the garbage and went out and bought myself two new tubes of sparkly, pink Colgate.

I guess sometimes it is okay to change the rules - but nobody tell my husband that...


Blogger Chief Rock Chef said...

Hey, watch out lady! Some of us are old enough to remember Crest being invented!

We are a devoted Colgate family too.

We have been breaking all sorts of traditions this year, routines that had been in place for pushing 20 years! Result? We have saved loads of money!

4:17 AM  
Blogger Wreggie said...

I was raised on Colgate, Dial soap and Coppertone Sun Screen.

I ditched Colgate for anything but still use new and improved Dial and honestly keep a tube of Coppertone in my truck, Jeep and at work, I love the smell.

5:54 AM  
Blogger Slyde said...

hey, dont kock fluoride dripped in ass until youve tried it...

10:57 AM  
Blogger terri said...

I grew up on Crest too, and it's all I will buy. But lately even trying to buy a tube of Crest has become traumatic. There are so many varieties. How can I choose just one? I'm going to end up with 16 different varieties if I'm not careful!

6:29 PM  

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