Monday, November 24, 2008

Denim Blues

I have owned my favourite pair of jeans for about the last two years. And actually, I have two identical pairs of my favourite that confusing?

Anyways, one of those pairs has a hole in one knee, and another on one thigh, but I cannot force myself to give them up. Both pairs are faded and worn, but are at that place in time where they have the perfect state of raggedness at the cuffs, the perfect "lived in" colour, and are so comfy they are like wearing sweats.

The problem? They are at least two sizes too big, fall down constantly, and are so sacked that once I have them on for 30 seconds I have serious saggy-ass going on. Not so much what you would call hot jeans...I wore them till I was seven months pregnant, if that gives you an idea of how much too big they are.

Now I do have other pairs of jeans, but like with anything else, I get my favourites, and everything else pretty much ceases to exist.

But a few weeks ago while I was walking to the house carrying Ellery, the diaper bag and 37 grocery bags, I began to feel that all too familiar feeling of fabric slipping down my hips. I barely made it to the door before flashing everyone. And in fact, sometimes when I feel them falling down at home I'll actually just keep going about whatever I'm doing, then giggle when they finally drop and the husband starts to laugh.

(And before anyone asks - I DO wear a belt sometimes, but when I make it as small as it needs to be to hold my pants up, I end up with this bunch of extra fabric at the small of my back, because the pants are too big.)

SO...I've been jeans shopping lately. What a pain in the ass.

Part of the problem is my height - I'm 5'5'. That puts me at the end of sizing in the petites department, and the beginning of sizing in the regular length department. And depending on the make of jeans, that either means I end up with flood pants or a foot of extra fabric under my feet.

But I persevered, and ended up buying some jeans, two pairs actually.

Side note: When I find a pair of jeans I like I usually buy two pairs of them at a time - am I the only one that does that?

Okay, so I bought these two pairs, which ended up being way too long. No problem. I threw on my knee high boots (they are the highest heels I wear in the winter) which have a 3.5 inch heel, decided the right length, and took them to my tailor place to get them hemmed. Well I don't know what the hell happened, but they are now so short that I can maybe pull them off with flip flops in the summer. In my boots I look like I'm from 1985.

So I looked on.

Last week I ended up buying a pair in Old Navy. A very dark wash - they fit nice, if a teeny bit long. Well, shit. Overnight they have morphed into these super long, super stretchy pants that fit like I stole them from my 6'2" older sister's closet. They are now about 6 inches too long, and are falling down every time I wear them! Aaagh!

So I was almost at the end of my rope.

Until this weekend. I went home again since the husband was working nights, and my mom and baby bro and I ended up heading to the states on Sunday to take advantage of some of the Thanksgiving week sales. I was strolling past a rack of jeans in Target of all places, when a pair caught my eye. They were cute, so I decided to try them on, and the price tag of 22 bucks made me happy.

They fit like a glove! Perfect length, perfect colour, perfect everything! I am in love with these jeans. Would you believe they only had one pair in my size? I almost cried.
Looks like I'm heading to Grand Forks soon to make a Target run...


Blogger Chief Rock Chef said...

I know the feeling. I spent years and years being too skinny for my height,meaning nothing ever fitted right. I have now settled into what seems to be the ideal shape, so I just gram stuff that is the right waist size and it fits perfectly!

BTW - how can they still be your fav jeans when they slide downn all the time? That drives me nuts!

3:36 AM  
Blogger Laura said...

I completely understand. I have a hard time finding jeans for the same reasons. I think I'm going to start doing what you do and buy 2 pairs when I find some I like - that's a great idea!

8:44 AM  
Blogger Princess of the Universe said...

This story makes me want to cry. Jeans are challenging. I can't understand people who can buy them off the internet...

8:52 AM  
Blogger James said...

buy 4 pairs


12:09 PM  

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