Thursday, November 29, 2007

A Few Moments of Clarity Through the Flurry

Here I sit at 1:14 in the morning, annoyed to no end, freezing my little butt off, and trying to make sense of the 55 thoughts that are currently swirling through my mind. I've decided to write whatever I can pin down out of the flurry.

1. It appears that getting into bed before 10pm causes me to wake up in the middle of the night, such as I am right now. I have settled into a sort of routine that if I go to bed between 10 and 11 I can generally sleep through till 6am now. However, even a moment before 10 - like tonight, when I was in bed at 9:59 - causes my mind to rebel and wakes me up mid-sleep to think about all these "very important" things.

2. I must remember to pay the final $50 of my August speeding ticket or risk having myself taken to court. I paid the $213 ticket by phone a few days after it was due, which resulted in a $50 fine being sent out several days later. I already missed the first date of the second fine being due, and just realized while I was rolling around in bed that it was due (for the second time) by yesterday. Oh, and I can't actually find the paper so that I can call in and pay it *sigh*.

3. The 40" television that graced my living room mere days ago is gone, and I'm stuck watching my miserable 36" until our other new tv gets here next week (please note the sarcasm in watching the "miserable" 36"). I decided that the tv is really something that the husband should decide about, and surprise surprise, he decided that he couldn't live without those extra 6 inches. By this time next week I should have a movie screen in my living room - oh.yay.

4. Work is absolute and total insanity right now. Remember earlier this week when I said that I had lots on my desk and that I loved having so much to do? Well that still stands, but now I, along with Zig, Krista, and our other designer J, have so much to do that each day any one of us seems to be on the verge of hysterics. Of course, this isn't a new thing to any of us, it just doesn't usually happen to all of us at the same time. I see at least one uncontrollable laughing fit/meltdown for all of us in the next two days.

5. I really, really hope to write out my Christmas cards this weekend - I would love to send one to all of you, but I know there is that whole 'giving out your mailing address to crazies on the net' thing to worry about. So, if any of you would like (and I would very much like) you can send me your mailing address, or even your work mailing address to my email, and I would be delighted to send you a card. If you wanna, you can send it to

6. I was thinking the other day that being a toilet seat would be one of the absolute worst jobs in the world. I mean, there are a few things worse, but going to work everyday would be literal gag material...ewwwww!

7. I don't think I ever let any of you know what happened with the whole dad disappointment from a few months ago. Things have since been patched up, when he apologized to me for his reaction, and has since made up for it by being extra dad-like and going out of his way to be the guy I know him to be. And in case anyone was wondering - his negative reaction was to me telling him I was pregnant, and if you knew the circumstances of the bad news I had given him earlier in the day (of which I'm not ready to share), you would understand his reaction. But, after tears from me, lots of hugs and him finally saying to me "I love you punkin - how could I not be happy that my baby is having a baby?" I knew we were good again.

8. I can't believe it's almost December - the Christmas panic I usually experience is just about ready to set in.

9. I love, love, love that you've all picked up the name Butterbean when you're writing stuff about the baby! Yesterday one of you even used "Bean" which I thought was hysterical. My in-laws are totally comfortable saying it, and my little brother is always rubbing his tummy and then saying "How's Butterbean?" when I'm home for a visit. My mom just laughs when I refer to the baby that way, but I know it's only a matter of time before my dad uses it.

10. I'm finally feeling a little sleepy again - guess it's time for me to go back to bed and hope that I fall asleep. Goodnight!


Blogger Rock Chef said...

Glad you got things sorted with your dad - I had been wondering about that, but did not want to be too nosey.

I think Butterbean will used for a long time to come, somehow.

3:57 AM  
Anonymous Judy said...

I too am so happy you and your Dad are ok!!! I have wondered about it too.

8:11 AM  
Blogger Logziella said...

SO GLAD that things with you and your Dad are better!!! :0)

7:27 PM  

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