Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Do You SEE What I Have To Deal With?

So I know I've been going on and on about our new bed.
I also know that most of you are probably going "Okay already, we know you got your stupid king size bed! Quit bragging and just get over it for god's sake!"

But I just can't. I'm sorry.

I don't think anyone is really feeling my pain with the whole "there is no body heat for miles and I'm nearly freezing to death every night because my husband is 13 feet away" scenario. (Well, maybe Alyssa - since she blogged about the whole 'dead feet' thing and having a husband who is a raging inferno as well - yet has no compassion for her heating troubles.)

Anyways - to give you a better idea - I had my inferno husband take a picture of me in the bed. (Please ignore the mess and the hideous shade of the wall colour - as soon as it's warm enough to have the windows open my bedroom is getting a makeover!)
Now as you will see - I am taking up maybe an 8th of the bed...and I've actually moved in from the edge where I normally sleep, just for this pic. Under the duvet I'm curled up into a tiny ball, trying to generate enough heat to warm my frozen little do you understand what I have to contend with?

I'm sure you are all dragging out your violins and wiping the tears from your eyes saying "That poor girl! How does she even get from day to day with all her problems? She must be some sort of saint!"

To which I will smile and say "Nah - I'm no saint - just a whiny girl who has nothing better to complain about than her huge bed."


Blogger John said...

Chuck it out and get a single bed! That will solve your problem! :-)

4:19 AM  

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