Tuesday, March 06, 2007

A Half-Assed Attempt

As I mentioned yesterday, I've been feeling a little odd lately. Still haven't been able to pinpoint exactly what is causing it - but I felt a bit more myself today. However, focused and coherent thoughts are still a little tough to grasp for the moment, so today's blog will be blogish and scattered, with a little randomness for good measure - and will be brought to you by the letter F.


My desk at work looks like the picture to the left nearly everyday. There are actually days when it looks 10 times worse than this, so today wasn't really too bad. People that walk into my office often look frightened when they ask me for something, and are always cringing - thinking that I may never find what they need. But usually after several seconds of flipping through random piles I can locate exactly what they are looking for - I like to think of it as organized chaos.
Whoa - back to today...so 2 of the designers were not in the office today, and our production co-ordinator was away for just over half the day, so the office was fairly quiet; by my standards anyways. It took me a little while and I was easily distracted, but I did manage to get myself into a little bit of a work groove - yay Ali! Tomorrow there will be one designer missing and our manager will also be out of the office - so hopefully that will make for another semi-productive day...and a long lunch!


St. Patrick's day is just around the corner - that makes me happy. Although the rest of the world "becomes" Irish on March 17th, I can take pleasure in the fact that I actually am. If you asked me why I thought it was so wonderful to have an Irish background I'd have a hard time telling you. Maybe because the Irish are so well known for their potty mouths and quick tempers, and those are both qualities that I have in abundance.
Regardless, I will have a wonderful time this St. Patty's day - Cheers!


I realized that I forgot to post a picture of my tan from Mexico. The pic is my hand on the day after we got back. Now to most of you, my idea of a tan will be your idea of everyday colouring, but to me, I am tan baby! Well sheesh, as you can see from the other skin in the picture (of which I will not disclose a location) I am obviously a lot darker than the parts of me that didn't see the sun.


I am really enjoying our new king size bed. It is soooo soft and cozy and we have so much space. I tried so hard to fight off getting one, but now that we do - I absolutely love it.
There is just one problem...I almost freeze to death every night.
Usually the husband is in bed hours before me and is in the state of sleep where he never remembers me coming to bed, even if we have a full blown conversation. In our queen size bed I would strip down, shriek as I got between the cool sheets, and then cuddle up to him to warm up. But now when I get into bed I have to go over so far to find him (I can stretch my whole leg out and not touch him sometimes) that it's like going on safari. And if I actually make it all the way over and manage to warm up, then I have to move over to my side again to actually sleep - and the sheets are freaking cold!
What a dilemma...


Blogger Peach Pod said...

Hi Sweetie!

So glad to have you back from Mexico. I loved getting away for the weekend myself. I was tickled to see you happy about St. Pat's. That's my birthday!

7:40 PM  

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