Tuesday, March 13, 2007

There's A New Blogger In Town!

Hello all my lovelies!
I was sitting at work today - trying to decide what I wanted to blog about, and came up with an idea that I was happy with. I took the required pictures just before I left for the day and decided that I would post after supper tonight.
However, the husband had other plans in mind for that little scenario...
Let's backtrack for a moment...last night he finally picked a title for his blog, which he has been assuring me was the only thing stopping him from starting it. That and the fact that he thinks he's too boring, and that no one will read his stuff. I told him that he was being ridiculous - do any of us really blog about anything particularly mind-blowing?
Occassionally we all post things that make the rest of us go "Wow, that was spectacular!" But for the most part we all just post about our daily lives, and our opinions and our pet-peeves and the like...but that's what people enjoy reading about, so it works!

But I digress...a lot...so, yes - last night he finally picked a title he was happy with and I went about setting him up with a template and that sort of thing. He was working the night shift last night and would be sleeping today, so I honestly didn't think he would even look at it again until I hounded him about it for another couple weeks.
But, when I got home from work he was excited to tell me that he had "worked on his blog today" and had even made his first post! I was so excited!
So I went and checked it out right away, then started in with my usual "um, I'm just gonna fix this spelling mistake, and let's take a picture for your profile, and you forgot some of your favourite movies, and blah blah blah" trying to be helpful, but of course being more annoying then anything. He said "would you just like to make a second blog for me?"
Ouch - okay, I can take a hint (but I was just trying to be a helpful wife...and I did help him do his profile picture, and I'm going to add some links for him right away....).
Anyways, I read his first post, and his profile, and both made me laugh - not boring at all, so ladies and gentlemen...without further ado...the new blog in town....introducing...The Husband!


Blogger John said...

Good work - I think I will enjoy his blog, and besides we need more men in our little group!

10:55 AM  

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