Monday, February 26, 2007

Yes, That IS a Screw Through a Wine Cork

So today was my first day back at work after my holiday. It was busy, just as I had hoped it would be, and I loved getting caught up on all the drama and goings-on while I was away.
I went in early to go through all the email that had accumulated, and essentially spent most of the day getting myself up to speed on what magazine was in what stage of production and trying to get my bearings on what the rest of the week will bring.
So far, things look good, and I was glad to be back.
Halfway through the day, the husband (who isn't back to work until Wednesday night) decided to head back to Ontario for a visit and to go ice fishing with one of his friends - it only makes sense, he's off, I'm busy, and there isn't a hell of a lot to do when the rest of the world is at work. So off he went until sometime Wednesday morning.
No problem, I don't mind being alone once in a while; in fact I thoroughly enjoy it most of the time, and that means that I can do whatever I want tonight and tomorrow night. Watch what I want on tv, eat what I want (or not cook might be a better explanation), listen to what I want - bliss.
So late this afternoon there was some jazz on in the office and I was thinking "aw man, I am in dire need of a good dose of jazz!" Since none of my friends are into jazz, and I didn't really feel like hanging out with anyone anyways, I decided to come home and make the most of this evening alone.
I drove home, took off my work clothes, pulled on a soft old t-shirt, brought up my jazz collection on the computer (and set it up to download a bunch of new stuff), then decided that I wanted some wine. I knew there were a couple bottles kicking around in our apartment, so I dragged a chair into the kitchen, climbed up on it, and voila! Two bottles of wine - one white, one red.
Since I didn't know what I felt like I decided to open them both.
But hmmmm, can't find a corkscrew for the life of me. So what do smart, inventive girls do when they can't find the corkscrew? Well, this girl dragged out her toolbox, found a screwdriver and a mighty big screw, wound it into the cork, and used a hammer to slowly pry the cork out - worked like a charm!
Now that might not be the most "classy" way to open a bottle of wine, but it worked, so it's fine with me. And I've been curled up in a chair in my living room, drinking wine and listening to some amazing jazz for the past hour, and I plan on putting myself right back in that chair in about 5 minutes.
Good night all.


Blogger John said...

That is a cool way to open a bottle. Others I have seen include pushing the cork into the bottle, gouging the cork out with a knife (results in bits of cork floating in the wine) or smashing the top of the bottle (can result in fragments of glass in the wine with resulting hospitalisation or death). Yours is easily the best.

5:58 AM  
Blogger mr zig said...

Sounds like it was a GREAT evening... I think I will have to plan a similar evening for myself one of these days - that is if I can kick the people in my house out for an evening! hehe - (maybe I can convince my wife she wants to go ice fishing or something Hm... somehow I doubt that)

7:11 AM  
Blogger John said...

I don't see Alyssa and ice fishing going together somehow!

10:13 AM  

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