Monday, October 16, 2006

A Ride on My Unicorn? Sure!

Today was a miserable day here - it was a little chilly, rainy and very, very grey. Oddly enough I was in a fabulous mood. Usually my moods are affected quite a bit by the weather - you know, sunny, warm day = sunny, warm Ali - chilly, cranky day = chilly, cranky Ali - and so on.
I also started out this morning with about 20 great ideas about what I could blog about today. Some days I know exactly what I want to write about, but others, like today, I have no real plan in mind and so begin toying with different ideas of what might strike my fancy.
I distinctly remember driving to work, screaming (my version of singing) along with some Poison and Peaches lyrics (2 separate bands by the way) and random ideas popping into my brain and going "oh, that's a great idea."
Of course I told myself, like I always do, that when I got to work I would write them down. As if that was really going to happen - Monday mornings are meant for catching up on everyone's weekends, not writing down blog ideas.
Needless to say, every time I was near paper and pen today I couldn't remember even one of the ideas and so, hour by hour, they all slipped quietly out of my mind. So now I've been sitting here for 20 minutes trying to decide what to write about.

Ten minutes later...So, now 10 minutes after I finished typing the above, I've decided to just write about how weird my day was. Not weird in a where did I park my car, I forgot to put on deodorant, a crazy man just asked me to give him a ride on my unicorn, hey is that a human finger in my Coke can, since when does the photocopier talk to me kind of day. More like a day where dumb things go wrong, or that things that should be easy are difficult.

Okay, so I got to work late - big surprise - where I was told the server was up, but that not everything was working properly yet. Apparently we were getting emails, so I pressed send/receive on my email and 21 new messages came through. Not so weird sounding, but when you factor in that our server has been down for 4 days and that I sometimes get more than 20 emails after I leave for the night - it's a weird number. Fine, someone said that all the emails aren't coming through yet - no problem.
Then Reggie emails me (his came through - yay!) to say that it is one degree colder in North Carolina than it is in Winnipeg - what!? That's crazy - I thought the Carolina's were a lot warmer than here. Whatever - he was pretty excited and I thought it was funny.
Then I had to go do an interview a few blocks away for a freelance piece I'm working on. I was meeting this woman during her lunch hour in an old grain building that has been converted into floors of offices. The entire building was silent as a tomb and a little eerie. So as I walked into the interview, the woman I was interviewing stood up and I shook her hand and sat down in the chair in front of her desk and we began to talk. The weird part is that there was a woman on either side of her each at their own desk (and their desks were close together - maybe 2 feet apart) who quit working and stared at me the entire interview. They weren't any part of the story I'm working on but listened to the whole interview and didn't speak - it was a little unnerving. When we stopped the interview for a moment so my lady could take a phone call, they spoke to each other in German and then stopped again when she was done on the phone...weird.
When I got back to work I had trouble speaking. As in, for the rest of the afternoon I had to think very carefully about everything I said. It seemed like every sentence wanted to come out in one word - 10 words all rolled into one. I spent much of the afternoon saying "Whoa, let me try that again."
Then on the drive home I was going about 40 kms per hour the whole way. What's weird about that? Well the speed limit on the particular avenue I drive is 60 and I usually drive about 70. The drive took me over 40 minutes! On a crappy day it takes me 30. I didn't even notice other drivers, I'm sure I was getting some dirty looks and nasty gestures.
Then tonight, the husband called me from work and said that a couple of the guys he works with were getting together after work to go have a couple beers and watch football or something. He said he wasn't sure if he wanted to go but I insisted he'd have a great time and that supper would be ready for when he came home and that I loved him. Huh? Normally I would be kind of huffy because I had already started making supper, and I would say we have no money and that I felt like seeing him because I missed him all day (which I did, all day). But I kept insisting he go, not that there was anything that I wanted to do, just because I thought he would have fun and that I could see him later.

This all may not sound weird to you, but to me it was a fairly "interesting" day. Maybe I was in such a mellow mood because I had a really relaxing, satisfying, cozy weekend with the husband. I dunno, but weird or not - it was a great day!


Blogger Logziella said...

I cannot stop laughing!!! You are TOO funny Ali! I have that problem you mentioned about trying to say 10 words at once...That whole interview with the 2 german ladies was quite odd and are you sure you didn't take a power nap and dream that? Too funny! Then, the husband thing...oh, I just can't stop giggling here!

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