Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Rest in Peace, Mr. Hose

Last night when my husband came home he was a little miffed because his beloved car Biff had almost overheated on the way. He told me that he needed a new thermostat and that they were cheap and that he would pick one up today and could change it himself.
Fine...I questioned him the whole way to work this morning (he drove me in my car) because I was paranoid that he didn't really know how to change it himself. He assured that it would be fine, he knew what to do.
Later today he called me and told me that he had changed the thermostat and that it was fine. But appartently that was not the problem. He said that the radiator hose was split and that there was anti-freeze leaking all over the place.
Of course I freaked, thinking how are we going to pay for that, we are totally broke (as per usual), and how are we going to get the car to a garage to get it changed in the first place. The husband reassured me by saying "We have CAA, I'm going to Walmart to buy the part cheap, and I'm going to call Tony (his uncle that works at a dealership not far from us) to see if he can give me a hand doing it or arrange to take it to his garage."
As soon as we hung up the phone, I, of course, went on the internet to get instructions on how to do it ourselves, called my dad to make sure that it was an easy operation, then called the husband back to tell him not to do anything till I got home and I would help him. I said that if we couldn't do it together then we'd figure out a way to pay for the garage to do it.
So he picked me up from work today, we went to the chiropractor to get cracked, came home and changed our clothes and grabbed the tool box (my tool box actually, and yes, I do have my very own) and headed out to operate on poor Biff.
We did all that we could but poor Mr. Hose has passed on and has been replaced by a new spiffier version.
My husband had a particularly hard time saying goodbye (as you can see, he shed quite a few tears) but I think that in time he'll be able to get over the loss and embrace Mr. Hose's replacement, Mr. Hoser.


Blogger Logziella said...

I actually changed my own thermostat once in a car I used to own!

But here's an interesting fact: When I bought my first house, I didn't have a lawnmower so I traded a guy at work for my walkman for his lawnmower. Then I got it home and had no idea how to work it! I called him on the cordless phone and there I was trying to pull that cord thingy to get it started, while holding the cordless phone...

Thank God I met Chuck shortly thereafter and he mowed my lawn after that and ever since!

8:10 PM  
Blogger Ali said...

LOL, you are HILARIOUS! You traded a walkman for a LAWNMOWER!? In what world is that a fair deal? You obviously got the better deal in that trade.
Erm, yeah, cordless phones and learning to start your lawnmower isn't the safest thing ever - thank god for husbands!

10:35 PM  
Blogger Reggie said...

Gigi’s 1987 4Runner “Rocky” has many replacement parts now. Don’t take it so hard.

In 1991 we got a new muffler on Rocky and decided to get the lifetime warranty. Rocky gets a new exhaust system every three years or so.

Gigi will never get rid of Rocky they go too far back.

It’s fun to look around inside Rocky. There is dog hair embedded in the carpet and trinkets from decades ago. It’s a cool truck with roll bars and a removable top that we have never unbolted. It even has pitch and roll gauges like an airplane.

Again, we are happy for you successful hose transplant.

5:39 AM  

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