Tuesday, September 19, 2006

You Wanna Race...Punk?

Today the husband picked me up from work and we decided to pick some food up for supper at a little market that we love. We picked up freshly made lasagna, this pork stir-fry thingie and came home for a delicious meal. I made this new salad that I had a coulple weeks ago which is absolutely mouth watering (spinach, baby romaine, peaches, slivered almonds and a raspberry poppy seed dressing) and we dined and chatted in the living room.
Anyhoo, when we were leaving the market for the drive home the husband asked me if I would drive because he just didn't feel like it and I love to drive. So we were driving home and I was chattering non-stop (I had actually been doing it since he picked me up), and when I say non-stop I mean non-stop.
I had barely taken a breath in the 20 minutes since we'd left my work. I wasn't even speaking coherently; I was talking, making sound effects, singing, yelling at other drivers, and my husband was just staring at me wide-eyed. So as I pulled up at a red light I was pretending that I was going to peel out when it turned green.
When the light turned green I hit the gas and sure enough, a little "squeak" came from our tires. I started to laugh because I had never made the tires squeal before and the husband was cheering me on because he couldn't believe I'd actually done it. It was really a big deal about nothing because the sound was so tiny - whatever, I was so psyched that I was beaming from ear to ear.
So further on down the road we pulled up to another red light with me still blabbering away and I said to the husband "watch this, I'm gonna peel out again" and I had my hands all race car driver like on the wheel. Well the light turned green and I hit the gas and my tires squealed. Like an actual big noisy squeal and I drove through the intersection all shocked and then my husband and I started to laugh. I was laughing so hard that I could hardly breathe - like it was the funniest thing that had ever happened to me.
As I was laughing it was such a deep belly laugh that I actually started to cry, which turned into this huge bawling, chest heaving, body wracked with sobs kind of cry. I was still driving and I could not stop crying, my husband was kind of laughing to himself, telling me that it was okay. He knows very well the drastic mood swings my hormones can cause me to take. So about 2 minutes down the road I finally started to calm down and then started thinking about how funny me squealing my tires was and I started laughing all over again.
Now my stomach is hurting from laughing so hard but mentally I feel great - I think only my husband could deal with that kind of mood swing so well. No matter how much I complain about him sometimes, he's still a wonderful, fantastic man and I love him very much.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

That was funny!

8:00 AM  
Blogger Logziella said...

You had me laughing too!! And now I am excited to "peel away" from a stop light! I think I will wait till my husband is in the car (ok...ok...it's a mini-van) and do it. I do that stuff all the time and he just rolls his eyes and smiles at me. What I like to do is hit the gas as I am going up the driveway and then slam on the brakes just in time to not hit the wall in the garage! It's a rush! The kids LOVE it too!

10:08 AM  
Blogger Amos said...

I got your comment today, Logzie tried to tell me you could find out what states, etc are reading your blog. I am still learning the ropes. How do you do that?

10:25 AM  
Blogger Ali Kat said...

LOL!! That story is quite hilarious. Us crazy women get a kick out of the strangest things.

I don't know how my husband deals with the mood swings either.

1:42 PM  

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