Thursday, September 07, 2006

A Weight Has Been Lifted

The husband and I have hardly seen each other in the last month. I bet the total number of hours we actually spent together over the month of August was about 20.
We occasionally have times where we work opposite of each other for a week or even two, but for an entire month!? That's crazy.
I've been getting home from work at about 5:45pm and he leaves at around 6:30pm when he's working nights. Then in the mornings he gets home at about 8:15am and I leave at 8:30am.
On those days when he works the day shift he leaves by 6:30am and returns at about 8:15pm. By then he's usually so exhausted that we have a quick supper, watch a little tv and then he goes to bed and I stay up working. It doesn't help that I've been bringing home hours of work every night too.
This whole not seeing each other thing is definitely taking its toll on both of us. We fought last night, this morning, during work (he called me twice) and then when he picked me up from work tonight.
The good thing about him picking me up and us fighting though, is that we really had it out when we got home and we both got some stuff off our chests. What is it with men and not telling what's really bothering them until the wife is threatening their life unless they confess what is really going on? The men always feel better after - why not just spit it out in the first place for god's sake? You'd save a whole lot of screaming and, possibly tears (on the wife's part that is).
Anyways, the melt down did us both good, and of course - the aftermath is always great. Once we were all exhausted from screaming, the husband decided to draw a family of toe people on my toes.
Sometimes it just takes a whole lot of screaming (and a little body modification) to make everyone feel better I guess.


Blogger Reggie said...

Ah, I have discovered body tattoo number one. Two more to go.

Your husband is always right. Remember this but don’t tell Gigi.

8:35 PM  

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