Thursday, September 14, 2006

Lavender You Say?

Soooo - this morning I decided that if tonight was going to be "date night" then I had better shave my legs in preparation for all the "amourousness." I'm pretty good at keeping them shaved anyways, but date night calls for very smooth.
Anyway, I needed a new razor so I rifled around under the bathroom sink until I found the 4-pack of Bic razors I bought a little while ago. I grabbed one and just as I was about to throw the other back into the abyss, something on the package caught my eye.
At the bottom of the package it says "Lavender Scented Handles." Huh? Lavender handles? On a razor? Why? These thoughts all ran through my mind in a 3 second period and then I thought "As if!"
When I bought this package of razors, the only reason I picked them up is because they were all shades of pink. Pretty, so I picked them out of the aisle of other razors. At no point did I ever notice those words on the package OR notice a lavender scent whilst I was shaving my legs.
Curious, I held one of the razors up to my nose and sniffed. And wouldn't you know it - it smelled nice! Not exactly like lavender, but nicer than most "ordinary" plastic razor handles.
But then I began to question why that is even a selling feature. I mean, you can't smell it while you're shaving your legs and I for one don't sit around smelling my razors on a regular basis.
The entire thing baffles me to no end, but the silly thing is that I will probably check all the packages at the drugstore from now on, just to see what else is out there. And if I find a package that's scented in peach - you can bet that those are the ones I'll be buying. Isn't it amazing what is considered a selling feature these days?


Blogger Reggie said...

I went in the bathroom and sniffed Gigi’s razor. Plastic.

She said, “What the hell are you doing?”

I said, “Ali’s razor is scented. Isn’t that cool?”

Gigi explained as long as her razor had some of that slick stuff on the strip, and it wasn’t rusted, then she uses it.

10:01 AM  

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