Sunday, September 17, 2006

Grumpy Ali

Hrrmmmphhh...I am grumpy. Very grumpy. I went to bed grumpy last night and thus tainted myself for the morning.
Yesterday the husband and I went to an out of town wedding for our friends L and J. They were the ones we went camping with back in August. Anyway, it was a beautiful wedding (I used my SLR and didn't take the digital, thus no pictures to post) but I wasn't so thrilled about the reception. You see, the husband went to school with L and the four of us became friends about 3 years ago. So the husband knew about 4 people that work at the hospital with him and L, and I knew...the bride and groom.
Once I got talking to the people at our table they were a pretty fun group so that wasn't too bad. There was an open bar which I told the husband to take full advantage of because I was thinking that me drinking myself silly wouldn't be the best idea given all the new medications I'm on. Plus I wanted to sleep in my own bed and didn't want to have to pay for a hotel room, so needless to say, the husband visited the bar several times.
Problem was this, the people we were sitting with were the ones he knew from work and their spouses, but everytime he would go to get another beer or go to the bathroom he would stop to talk to other people. He and I are alot alike in the way that we really aren't very shy at all - so we talk to people we don't know. Anyways, so everytime he would get up from the table it would be like a 15-20 minute journey.
The other thing is that I love to dance. When I'm with my girlfriends I don't have to be plastered to dance, however, when I'm with people I don't know I like to be "alcoholicly encouraged" to step onto the dance floor.
No problem, when the husband is drunk he becomes very lovey and very into my personal space, so I figured that even though we woudn't be fast dancing, I could squeeze a couple of drooly slow songs out of him.
So when they play the slow songs does the f*@$er ask me to dance? Hell no, he sits talking to the dude beside him and then we watch everyone else get onto the dance floor. Then the next slow song comes on and he says "I friggin' hate Nickleback" and we sit there. Everyone else at our table gets up to dance and then he goes (1/3 of the way into the song) "oh, so do you want to dance?"
Absolutely not...I want to grab you by the hair and drag your drunk ass down the stairs and out through the parking lot and yell at you for being such an ass! Gee, does it ever make me feel wonderful that you ask me as an afterthought if I want to dance. Piss off!
So anyway, we drove back to the city with me all pissed off, going over in my mind all the things I would like to say to him but I don't, partly because my jaw is locked because I am gritting my teeth together so hard, and partly because I don't even want to look at him to see if he's passed out or awake.

I have been on quite the emotional roller coaster ride recently because of my whacked out hormones, popping all my friggin' pills and just generally feeling like a useless piece of crap because of this whole baby-making inability I have. I have talked this over with my husband, let him know that I am sorry for being cranky and don't mean to take my frustrations out on him and he always assures me that he will be more loving and attentive. I have yet to see that side of him for longer that the 2 hours after we have the conversation.

So, I'm sure when he gets up this morning and eventually reads this post that I will either get the cold shoulder or an earful for posting this up for all the world to see.

Happy (rainy) grumpy day everyone.


Blogger mr zig said...

you said taint... so that alone is a reason to become ungrumpy...

6:30 PM  
Blogger Ali said...

I KNEW you would notice that, man you are so dependable. :)

6:59 PM  
Blogger Logziella said...

Oh my gosh!!! I have had that same scenario happen with my husband (minus the alchohol...)!! you have this? We'll be sitting in the car and a beautiful love song will come on. I am sitting there totally thinking of him and WAITING for him to grab my hand or sing the song to me or SOMETHING...but...NOTHING!! The song just comes and goes! And to think...he could have gotten lucky that night!!! HE HE!

9:58 PM  
Blogger Ali said...

Yes, that also has happened to me. How about when you're just sitting at home and something causes an incredible feeling of loviness to wash over you. He comes towards you and you bat your eyes, giving him your most obvious pouty lips...then suddenly he veers past you to turn on the tv because the Broncos are playing that night.
Blech, the list goes on and on. My husband's defense is that he's not a mind reader - and I agree, sometimes it's hard to determine a woman's train of thought. But come on! You have to me romantic once in a while!

11:24 PM  

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