Wednesday, September 27, 2006

My Top Ten Pet Peeves

1. Spelling mistakes. I occasionally make them myself, but being an editor I can't help but notice and it makes my skin crawl. I actually proofread a menu one time and wrote the corrections right in the menu. What a freak, I know.

2. Men in either sandals or white runners in the summer with black socks pulled up. I wish I could tackle each and every man that does this, rip his socks off and give him a lecture on the rules of black and white socks.

3. Teenage girls with Crayola marker thick eyeliner.

4. Women that don't buy something or do something because their significant other "wouldn't like it." Obviously I don't expect you to dye your hair platinum blonde and pierce your belly button if your husband really can't stand those things. However, when you can't buy the v-neck sweater at the store because "Bob says I look slutty in v-necks and he made me get rid of everything that wasn't a boat neck," that's where I draw the line.

5. When people hand in their stuff late and say "Oh, I need this tomorrow, it's critical." Four words: Good luck with that.
You hand it in late, you're going to get it late.

6. People commenting on my boobs. You have no idea how many people (even strangers I have never spoken to before) feel the need to tell me I have big boobs. It's absolutely ridiculous - like I didn't know before they told me.

7. People parking in my parking spot "just to run in for a sec." This is not your damn spot and when I come home from work I am going to swing my car in there whether you are there or not so get out of my way.

8. My husband not telling me when something is bothering him until we have a knock-down, drag-out fight about it.

9. Border guards on a power trip. Now I know these people have a job to do (my father-in-law is a border guard), but there is no need to be rude and I definitely don't look like a terrorist.

10. Posting sixteen notes around my apartment to remember to do something the next day, and then forgetting to do it anyway.

And one Bonus Peeve because I just thought of it:
11. Making a grocery list, going back to my apartment to grab it when I forgot it, then buying all my groceries, coming home and realizing I forgot 5 things we needed because I never took the list out of my pocket at the grocery store.

Anybody else got any good ones?


Blogger Mojonah said...

Oh yeah! I HATE the black sock thing too! Tackling them is a good plan! For whatever reason, I get irritated when there is heavy traffic, and you let someone into your lane, and they don't even acknowledge that you helped them out...not a wave or anything. Ticks me off! SLOW tellers at the bank! Now, in the USA, this isn't too much of a problem, but here in the Canada, there can be 15 people in line, two tellers working, and 5 other tellers sitting talking with eachother..that TICKS ME OFF royally! That is my list.

10:36 AM  
Blogger mr zig said...

I lke speling mistaks becuase I know someon will corect them. Plus it keeps pople on thier tows.

Plus whne I make mistakess on my blog people tend to comment about it, which makes me popular


11:00 AM  
Blogger Logziella said...

I agree with Mojonah about the 'non waving' drivers! That's one of my biggest. And along with that goes the people at the grocery store who are in your way and you kindly say "excuse me" and they don't even look at you but they move out of your way anyway. Why can't you just acknowlege my existance and atleast crack a smile as you move. I catch myself giving them a VERY sarcastic "THAAANK-YOU"!

Then there's also the good ole 'I AM TOO GOOD TO USE MY BLINKER' stunt. name a few.

6:22 PM  

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