Friday, August 11, 2006

Stoked, Yet So Very, Very Tired (yawn)

Today was an incredibly busy day, it's midnight and I am actually tired and plan on going to bed immediately after posting this.
Was at work most of the day, left early to go to the "doctor", went and did an interview, went and got my nails done, ran home and picked up a change of clothes for the husband, met him at the stadium, watched the football game, came home and ate supper at about 10:30 and have been writing a freelance piece that is due tomorrow ever since.
The interview I got to do was with the head cheerleader of the Winnipeg Blue Bombers (that's in the Canadian Football League for all you Yankee-doodles out there). Gotta say, I was pretty stoked about interviewing her - and she was awesome.
I'm doing a freelance piece on her for a magazine I recently started writing for, so I met her at the stadium today and she showed me around the locker room and we sat in the stands and talked for about an hour and a half.
When we were done she gave me two tickets to tonight's game against the B.C. Lions and told me that if I want to come and hang out with her and the rest of the cheerleaders during Grey Cup week (Greycup is like the Superbowl in the states) that I should just call her and I'm welcome to come along. Does she sound like one of the coolest chicks ever or what?
I scored major points with the husband for this too because the financial situation is dire right now, and I had told him he couldn't go to this game due to lack of moolah. So when I called him and told him I had free tickets he was pretty happy with me - poor boy is a die hard when it comes to football, no matter if it's CFL or NFL.
Anyways, this was a busy day, busy but great, and I am tired and stoked and now I shall bid you adieu and hopefully blog again on Sunday. I'll be away in dial-up land again and I'm just not patient enough to deal with it - sorry.


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