Wednesday, August 02, 2006

F U BLogger!

Hrrmmphh...I am really quite cranky at the moment.
I've been happy all evening and then I go to write my blog for the day and Smack! Blogger gives me a slap in the face.
For some reason I all of a sudden can't post any pictures...hmmm, I wonder if this was passed along from a certain Aussie I know?
What the hell? Everytime it says it's loading my pictures a little window will pop up and say: This document contains no data. What exactly does that mean? Can somebody tell me?
Boy I'm cranky...screw this, I'm not posting anything else tonight.

That might not actually be true - we'll see if I come up with any solutions.


Blogger Tee said...

My thing is different. After I click on an image to upload, it comes up with the loading animation and then it says that my image has been added and everything is fine. After I click on done however, nothing happens! It just goes back to the imageless post that I was editing prior! So there you makes me pissed off too! I haven't been able to post pics since July 22! Maybe we need to contact blogger and attack them with complaints!!! Take that blogger!

12:31 AM  
Blogger Reggie said...

I’m not sure exactly what the problem is but here is my two cents worth.

Often I hold my breath acting nonchalant when posting a picture on blogger. I try to trick blogger into thinking I don’t really care if you post this picture or not Mr. Blogger.

This works sometimes.

Blogger knows when you really need to post a picture or when a picture is not really required like on my post this morning.

The monkey was not necessary so Blogger let it pass.

Blogger picks up your frustration Ali. It may now take days before you can post a picture.

Try posting a few unnecessary pictures to appease Blogger and see if this clears up the situation.

Glad to help. Reg

PS - Ditto for Tee

4:14 AM  

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