Monday, July 31, 2006

Energy for Evil Deeds

Ah, the dinner of champions. Who could ask for more than a little bowl of blueberries and strawberries, a half-eaten rice krispie square and a bottle of water? Nobody, that's who.
Today was a wonderfully relaxed day; had the bathroom to myself, got to work on time, didn't have tons to do (although I probably distracted the designers too much - they had lots to do), had a very yummy lunch from my favourite deli, went to my chiropractor after work and got all put back into place, put some cash in my account and now I'm having (my version) of a delish dinner.
The best friend gets in at 10 tonight so I've got a couple hours to kill before I head to the airport. I'm thinking of heading by my old job for a visit because Mondays are a late night there.
Mean Girl Update: When I got home from work I was carrying my purse, my coffee cup and a few bags of fruit and I was singing Faith by George Michael (of all the cool things I could be singing) and kind of bopping along up the walkway and all of a sudden I see Mean Girl pop out of her apartment door.
Her boyfriend was right behind her but when she saw me (she was only about 2 steps out the door) she turned around to run back in the house and ran right into her boyfriends chest. He was like "Hey, what the hell?" and she goes "Move, I forgot something" and kind of shoves him to the side.
The best part was that the boyfriend just kind of gave her a weird look and then he saw me. He was all "Hey, how've you been? I like the new car." So I stopped and said hi and talked with him for a sec and I could see her inside giving me the evil eye. So after a moment I said, "Well I should get inside, I've got to make supper" (which we all know isn't really true) and as I was unlocking my door I heard her hiss at him to get in the house.
Heeee, Heeee, Heeee! I am having such fun pissing Mean Girl off. I think my husband is a little worried that I'm going to get our tires slashed or get beat up or something, but this is way too much fun. It's almost like I don't really have to do anything anymore, just walking by her makes her freak out. I can feel my little devil horns growing by the day.
Mmwwaaaaa haaaa haaaaa (that's my evil laugh), guess I better keep up with the healthy suppers to keep my strength up for more torment!


Blogger Tee said...

That is so cool with Mean Girl! What a disgruntled bushpig! You should be extra friendly to her and smile and wave to her heaps and that would seriously piss her off. Also for lunch I went healthy and had fresh pineapple. It was really my mouth burns!

1:43 AM  

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