Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Don't I Look Cool? Wink, Wink

Think, think, think...I was having trouble thinking of an idea of what to write about in my blog today.
Nothing particularly exciting happened to me, work was busy as per usual, I went to the chiropractor right after, came home, de-pantsed and sat down in front of the computer.
I was looking up at my poster of Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra and Sammy Davis Jr. and thinking about how cool they were back in the day. Of course Dean is one of my favourite crooners and I still think he is super cool, but they used to be reeeaaaaall cool.
In the poster they are all drinking, smoking and laughing and they all look cool doing it.
That got me thinking about things people do that they seem cool doing.
Some people can totally pull off smoking and looking cool, that's not as easy to do as it was years ago because of the health risks and stink and stuff; but there are still people that can do it.
Another thing is winking. Everyone knows someone that winks at you about everything. For me it's usually a sales rep or someone like that, that just breezes into a room to drop something off, say something cute and give you a wink and it makes you feel oooh, he's cool.
I've only known one woman in my life that could pull it off and she was this fantastic little greek woman who would tut, tut at you and then give you a wink, like she had let you in on a secret.

I took a picture of me giving a wink (and the kck, kck gun shot just to add some coolness) and as I expected; I am not one of those people that can pull it off. Rather I look like a cheeseball with something in her eye.


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