Thursday, August 03, 2006

Woohoo - Check Out This Gross Picture!

Yay, my gross picture was posted!
Last night Blogger wouldn't post my pictures so I had a little fit and went to bed cranky about it.
While slurping back my first cup of coffee this morning I sat at my computer and checked my email - thank you to Reggie and Tee for their support through this crisis. Tee, if this happens again I'm all up for "operation yell at blogger." And Reggie, you were absolutely right.
Occasionally in the past Blogger would give me some lame ass excuse about why it couldn't post my picture, so I would set it all up again and then minimize the window and do other stuff. It's like Blogger senses that if you really want a picture posted it will give you a hard time. But if you pretend like "I really could give a rat's ass if you bother posting this picture blogger, I'm just trying to add interest to your lame operation." Then Blogger senses that you don't even really care and they post it, almost to spite you.
This morning I actually walked away from the computer and said "Well I hope that picture doesn't actually work." And sure as shit, when I came back to the computer - there it was.
Anyway lovers, I have to get my ass ready for work - please enjoy this quite disgusting picture of the leftover strawberries that I purchased Monday night. They were already hairy yesterday - isn't that gross?
Have a great day!


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