Wednesday, August 09, 2006

"I Caught You a Delicious Bass"

Remember that fishing trip I sent my husband off on last week or the week before or something like that?
He went with my dad and brother and my dad's best childhood friend and they caught 82 fish in one day. Of course they only kept their limit (4 each) but who wouldn't like fishing with a turnout like that?!
Well, tonight we decided to cook up the walleye that my husband brought home. We decided to try to cook it a little differently, normally it is battered and then deep fried, and tonight we're going to bake it as a healthy alternative.
In this pic he's getting it all battered and I was daring him to eat a piece of it raw; I thought he might actually try it, but although we like sushi, raw lake fish is just gross.
Oh, and he just told me that he saw mean girl today, it's been ages since I've seen her, and that she was a little freaked when she saw him. He was coming home from dropping me off at work and she was leaving her apartment, and when he locked our car doors (a little squeak, squeakem sound comes out of the alarm) she looked all freaked out at our car. He said when she realized it was him and not me she appeared to relax and gave him a forced smile.
Mwwaaa haaa haaaa, mean girl is scared of me and not my husband - I'm so tough.
Anyhoo, time for walleye!


Blogger Tee said...

Ha ha! My car too makes a sqeak noise when you lock it. One time there was this little kid next to my car playing with this spinny thingy toy thingy in a shop's carpark. I pressed the button for my central locking and it beeped! The kid looked up and freaked and ran off to his mummy! I am so tough as well...I can scare 5 year olds!

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