Monday, August 14, 2006

The Birds and the Bees

Babies, sex, new mommies and daddies...such was my weekend.
Right now I know about 15 people who are pregnant, about 6 that have new babies and I guess that means I know 12 new parents.
This past weekend I spent most of the time with my best friend, the one who's down from the Bahamas (I call her the Bahama Mama, she doesn't actually have kids yet, but she does have an incredibly spoiled Daschund), and we travelled around our hometown area visiting all our friends who are expecting or who have new babies and kids.
One of our closest friends has a 3 month old son, he's the one in the picture below, and Bahama Mama hadn't seen him yet so we took off Saturday morning for the 45 minute drive to our friends house.
We spent about 4 hours there playing with the baby and visiting our friend and her husband. Then off we went another 20 minutes down the road to visit another one of our friends and her 3 kids. While we were at that friends house she told us about one of our other pregnant friends who happened to be in labour at that very moment.
After about 3 hours of visiting there, Bahama Mama and I started to make our way home (to our parent's houses) and began talking about another one of our friends who was due on Sunday.
Sunday morning rolls around and I got a phone call; the friend who was in labour the night before, she had a girl - Grace, not sure on the weight - then we had another message waiting on the answering machine when we got back to Manitoba that our other friend (who was due on Sunday), actually had her baby that day, a boy - 8 lbs, 1oz.

It's funny, I don't know about anybody else out there - but to me, it seems that as soon as I get my mind set on something or want something, everyone else seems to have it. Like you finally decide to buy a new iPod - all of a sudden everyone has one. You finally decide that you can afford to buy a new car, so you buy the new Honda Civic - 2 weeks later someone you know pulls up in the new Honda Accord.
That is exactly what happened to me...except not with an iPod or a car, but with a baby. I won't go into details, but lets just say that as soon as we decided it was the right time for us to have a baby, it seems like everyone that even looked at each other cock-eyed was knocked up that day.
I am being bombarded with tales of people saying "Oh yeah, the first time Harry and I got it on without birth control I was pregnant...I guess it was just meant to be you know?" To which I want to respond "Why don't you just shut your pretty little face? If I wasn't concerned that I would give your unborn baby brain damage, I'd kick you in the stomach!"
I'm just being impatient and know that nobody needs to know about all this junk, but it's on my mind, so what are ya gonna do?
For now I guess I'll just have to be happy being Auntie Ali, which I have to admit is pretty cool, there are lots of babies who call me Auntie.

*Please note that I am speaking entirely from frustration here and would never intentionally hurt a pregnant woman or her unborn child! Anyone who knows me, knows that I am a baby-aholic.


Blogger Tee said...

A baby-aholic hey? I don't have a baby (and I don't really want one right now because I'm in no financial situation to do so) but I am an uncle! Uncle Tee! But the problem with my nephew is that I haven't seen him in five years...he lives in Sydney. But I fully understand your frustration with stuff that you think of first but then everyone else decides to copy! You see...people like us are trend setters! It's just our cool vibe. In my case everyone always copies what I say. About five years ago I started saying "Holy f$%king sh!t" now everyone else says it! Also I use words like: anypoo, fantesticle, wee wee, poo poo, rank and wing wang and now I'm pretty sure everyone else says them down here! Another thing I add the suffix 'age' (pronounced ej) to words to make a verb into a noun: eg. jammage, weeage, writage...! That was mine! Wow this is a long comment!

2:07 AM  
Anonymous Alyssa said...

I'm also an Auntie-Ali - and while I love being an Aunt, I FREAKIN HATE SEEING ALL THOSE GLOWING EXPECTING MOMS WITH THEIR BIG PREGNANT BELLIES!!! I too love babies and can't wait to have one of my own, but it's exactly as you say - as soon as I decided to try to have one, EVERYONE AND THEIR DOG ARE GETTING KNOCKED UP. I especially find the cute church mom's annoying, waddling around pregnant and about to pop while nursing what appears to be yet another infant and holding the hand of their toddler. Greedy or what?! :) Sigh... I know I'm just venting out of jealousy, but green is such a lovely colour on me :)

12:29 AM  

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