Thursday, November 27, 2008

Notes to Self - Part 2

1. Come to terms with the fact that your hair is messy. Even when you brush it, it's messy. That's just the way your hair rolls. Quit stressing about it, put down the brush, and move along. Anyone that can't get over your messy hair doesn't deserve to know you.

2. When the husband is working nights, go to bed. Seriously. What is the point of staying up till all hours of the night? No one else is dumb enough to stay up unless they have a really good reason. And fyi - watching "Look Who's Talking Too" is not a really good reason.

3. Leave Telus. They used to be a good cell phone service provider, but now they are complete crap. Find a way to get out of your contract and move on. You pay for services to work, not to have to call the helpline twice a week because those services are not, in fact, working.

4. Put away the clothes that have overtaken your bedroom. No little fairy, or cleaning person, or mother-type-figure, or makeover maven is going to do it for you. You do realize that you can barely see the floor in there now, don't you?

5. Bake some banana chocolate chip muffins. Or at least clean out your freezer. The banana graveyard is getting way overpopulated.

6. Finish your Christmas shopping! What are you waiting for? Christmas is less than a month away and you've stalled! Now when you go you'll be the one cursing, making obscene hand-gestures, and elbowing people in the ribs because you'll be miserable that everyone is in your way...just like what happens every year.


Blogger tz said...

1. you so described my hair...even if I spend hours on it and use lots of product it looks just like it always does...

2. uhhh, did you just look in my freezer? actually I made three loaves of bannana bread yesterday for that same reason.

3. seriously, honey i shrunk the and order from the 80's is a so much better reason to stay up through the night...

11:41 AM  
Blogger Chief Rock Chef said...

I love doing Christmas shopping when everyone is stressed! I find it hilarious - they are so SERIOUS! I just step back and have a good chuckle.

11:41 AM  
Blogger Princess of the Universe said...

Yeah, my hair always looks unbrushed too. Annoying.
Perhaps we should shop next week instead of dinner? (Or do both?)

11:44 AM  
Blogger Laura said...

1. My hair always looks messy too. It's annoying.

2. Go to bed!

3. Definitely leave.

4. LOL!

5. You can freeze bananas? I didn't know that.

6. I need to do this too. Why do I always put it off?

2:17 PM  
Blogger Slyde said...

dont forget to buy ME something this year... i've been nice!

10:41 AM  

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