Sunday, August 24, 2008

A Stolen Meme

I stole…yes, STOLE, this meme from Slyde’s blog. Because I’m bad ass like that.

It’s about the relationship between the husband and I, so here goes:

1. What is his name?
Christopher, aka Chris, aka The Husband.

2. Who eats more?
Meal wise it’s him, and he eats like someone is going to steal the food right off his plate. But eating junk throughout the day? That’s all me.

3. Who said, “I love you” first?
It was me. And it was awkward. And it was over the phone. And I was 14 years old, so I am totally entitled to the lameness that comes with that.

4. Who is taller?
He is, by about 6 inches or so. No offense to shorter men, but I'm into that “feeling safe in his arms and leaning my head on his chest” scenario. Not so much “feeling safe in his arms and leaning my head on the top of his skull.”

5. Who drives most when you are out together?
He does, which is totally beyond me, because I have got to be the most annoying backseat driver ever. I can’t go 10 seconds without telling him something he’s doing wrong. But in my defense, the man gets lost going down the street we live on.

6. Who is more sensitive?
Me. I’m a total emotional roller coaster...though since the baby was born I’ve caught him looking at us with tears in his eyes more than once.

7. Who does the laundry?

Me. He’s not permitted to wash anything, except maybe a load of his uniforms once every six months or so when I’m feeling too lazy.

8. Who sleeps on the right side of the bed?
He does. Because that’s the side closest to the door, and if one of us is going to get slaughtered in the night, it’s not going to be me! Okay, I realize how bad that must sound - but he’s a man, so he should be able to fight off any intruder…right?

9. Who pays the bills?
I do. He doesn’t even know if there is 20 dollars in his bank account without asking me.

10. Who cooks more?
I am a shitty cook. Plus, I’m really lazy when it comes to meals, so unless you want to have a handful of crackers and a can of Pepsi at about 9pm, it’s best to eat what he makes. He’s dynamite in the kitchen.

11. Who is more stubborn?
Me. In an argument, he's like Bambi, and I'm like some sort of crazed, possessed dragon.

12. Who is the first to admit they are wrong?
He used to…but now it’s me. When I’m the one who always has to be right, it’s not easy to hide the fact that sometimes I’m really wrong.

13. Who has more siblings?
I’ve got a brother, he’s got a sister. Tie!

14. Who wears the pants in the relationship?
Not to emasculate him or anything, but that would be me. But in his defense that is all because of our personalities, he’s laid back and I’m high-strung. Things have to be my way.

15. What do you like to do together?
Mostly we just like to actually be together. We don't have to be doing anything particularly exciting, because it's rare that we actually have the opportunity to be around each other.

16. Who eats more sweets?
I win hands down; I’ll be chowing down on a Mr. Big bar that I’m dipping in ice cream and washing down with a two litre of pop, and he’ll be sipping a glass of water.

17. Guilty Pleasures?
Maybe John and Kate Plus 8? I've got him hooked.

18. How did you meet?
High school. We started “going out” after my first month of grade 9, and the rest is history.

19. Who asked whom out first?
He asked me out over the phone. The funny part was that Monica was over when he did it, and when he asked me I told him to hang on while I thought about it (then covered the phone with my hand and screamed like a maniac at her because I was so excited – I’d already been in love with the boy for like 2 years) then calmly put the phone back up to my face and said “Yeah, I guess…”

20. Who kissed who first?
He kissed me first, and it was the stuff movies are made of. We both remember the line he used, and sometimes I get him to re-enact it, then I laugh because in hindsight it seems so lame, but I totally fell for it.

21. Who proposed?
He did. I’m a bit of a traditionalist in that sense – there’s no way I would have asked him.

22. His best features and qualities?
He’s got a heart of gold and would do anything for anyone. Plus, he’s not too hard on the eyes.


Anonymous terri said...

You've been with him since you were 14? Awww, you guys have such a fairytale romance!

7:20 PM  
Blogger Slyde said...

that was really cool!

by the way, i will expect my royalty check in the mail!

8:41 PM  
Blogger Sitting in Silence said...

Great post Ali....loved the "In case I get slaughted in the middle of the night bit "....and here I was thinking I was the only person in the world that had thought's like that LMAO

1:31 AM  
Blogger Laura said...

Ali - I watch Jon & Kate all the time. I'm glad I'm not alone!

10:01 AM  
Blogger Teresa said...

You watch Jon & Kate?? SO DO I!! I am so doing the pudding body painting thing with my kids and the neighbor kids tomorrow! That woman has restored my hope I tell you!

I loved this and Chris are truely meant for eachother...Ellery is one lucky baby!

10:31 AM  
Blogger Chief Rock Chef said...

I never realised that you have been with Chris all that time!

"Not too hard on the eyes"? You are such a sweet-talker!

Funny about the side of the bed question. My wife always sleeps closest to the door so she can get up and be the first to deal with anything that might happen in the night.

7:56 AM  

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