Thursday, February 21, 2008

117 Emails!?! Piss Off!!!

Yeah - I'm still home, still sick - but I'm going to work tomorrow anyways. I've been checking my emails from home (yay for remote connections!), plus I had a stack of ads to proof already with me, and work was kind enough to courier me a blueline of a directory today.

(insert sarcastic voice here)

Are they sweet or what?

Honestly I don't mind doing some work from home - I feel kind of lost without it, and it's not so bad when you can sit around in your skivies doing your job, you know?
But hot damn! I can't keep up with the emails! Over the last 2.5 days I've received 117 emails (I counted) and not one of those was junk or spam related. And these people all know that I'm out sick! Sheesh!
I'm actually feeling a little overwhelmed about work right now. It seems like I just can't get ahead for some reason, and surprisingly I've been working harder than usual. Now how does that work?
It's weird - on the one hand I am terrified to leave work in May. Terrified to be replaced, terrified to not have my place at my company, terrified that the "newbie" will totally take over my roll and do a better job.
But I have to say - more and more often I'm just a little relieved that I'll be away from all the drama, away from all the problem clients, and away from all the little gossipy-backstabbers that every company comes equipped with.
I go back and forth - bawling because I have to go, then bawling because I can't leave soon enough. I'm like one giant tear.
But it's after 117 emails that I'm on my "leaving for a bit to catch a work breather might not be so bad" kick.

Tomorrow is gonna blow.

But at least I have this uber-sexy, pack a day since I was 6, bar-hopping, 65 year old cougar in tight leather pants and a zip-up, satin shirt voice to sex myself up with. I'm hoping to distract everyone from all the work I have waiting for me with all that and a pregnant belly.

Ooooh yeah.


Anonymous terri said...

117 emails??? Crap! However, I now fully understand what your voice sounds like as a result of being sick and I feel very sorry for you. Hope you feel better soon.

8:47 PM  
Blogger Rock Chef said...

That is pretty outrageous! When you are signed off as "sick" by a doctor all you should have to worry about is getting better. How the f£$k do they expect you to get better if you are working your ass of at home instead of resting?

Sorry about the language!

Get well soon!

4:19 AM  
Blogger Jahooni said...

Did you send them the picture that you took from last post? you need to, that says just how sick you are and your pregnant for goodness sakes! Rubbish.

Hope you feel better soon!

2:59 PM  
Blogger Sitting in Silence said...

117 e-mails....No way !

Did you get any rest?

4:00 PM  
Blogger James said...

Hello Ali !!

Sorry to hear you are sick. Laundry Fairy is too. I haven't looked in for months because I forgot my google password. Get better soon how is the bump in front? kicking yet?


10:54 PM  

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