Thursday, January 03, 2008

An Update on the Bean

Now that I'm past the 5 month mark, I'm breathing a little easier and have managed to start taking a little more joy in being pregnant.
Except for the fact that the few hours of sleep I get each night are fitful, everything seems to be going smoothly (touch wood). Does anyone have any tips on that by the way? I mean, I don't have much of a belly, but already I am extremely uncomfortable any way I lay down. Even surrounded by pillows to support everything, I now dread must be a little obvious, since I'm sitting at the computer at 1:30am, having been wide awake for nearly an hour and sick of thrashing, I finally just got up.

The husband and I are a bit sporadic, but have been reading Butterbean a story at bedtime when we remember. The book is a Dr. Seuss book called Oh Baby, The Places You'll Go, and was written to be read while the baby is in utero. Supposedly if you consistently read it to them at bedtime while they're "on the inside", once they're out they should know that the reading of that book signals bedtime.
That sounds wonderful, but we'll see. I can already sense that this baby will be a bit rebellious...wonder where they got that from?

We've also been working on creating Butterbean's first cd, and tonight we decided on the playlist. The list is a combo of things we each want the baby to be familiar with, and once I burn it tomorrow, we'll begin playing that to my tummy (with the huge headphones I just bought) on a somewhat regular basis too.

Butterbean's Playlist

Dean Martin - Kiss
The Tragically Hip - Long Time Running
Neil Young - Harvest Moon
Rheostatics - Take Me In Your Hand
Dixie Chicks - Lullaby
Marty Robbins - El Paso
The Tragically Hip - Fiddler's Green
Lauren Hill - Can't Take My Eyes Off of You
The Tragically Hip - Every Irrelevance
Lifehouse - You Belong To Me
Rheostatics - Baby, I Love You

We've slowly been wading through the baby name the appropriate sex section. We finished on Tuesday, and had the list narrowed down to 9 names - it was actually a little eerie on how we agreed on every single name.
We would both read a page in silence, and I would pick out the name that I liked and keep it to myself, and when Chris would read it and find one he liked he would say "Hey, how about Kelly?" or whatever the name was spooky that every name he picked out was one I liked too.
We slowly narrowed down our list of 9 to three, and then picked the one we both loved. So this will be Butterbean's name, unless they come out and just absolutely do not look right with that name - then our second option will come into play.

In other news...while the husband was reading the bedtime story while we lay in bed December 23rd, I felt a very definite hoof to my gut. I told him to be quiet so I could concentrate on it, and sure enough, there was a series of successive kicks.
The husband put his hand on my stomach and just when I was going to tell him that it was too early for him to feel it on the outside, he said "Right there!" just when the Bean would kick. I would keep totally quiet and expressionless and he knew every time they kicked!
That was the first time I felt the baby move at all - who says there is supposed to be "fluttering"? I think the wild child skipped that stage.
Since that day I have been getting kicked with more and more frequency, and definitely with more force. Sometimes I find myself going "Yi! Butterbean!" when I get a good wallop. How am I going to manage when this kid weighs more than, oh I don't know, a pound?!?

Other than all this I don't have too much to report. Our world sort of seems to revolve around going to work, and thinking about the baby lately...sorry to bore anyone :)


Blogger Logziella said...

Thanks for the update!

As far as the sleeping, or lack there of, I have no tips. I suffered from insomnia terribly in my pregnancy with Ella. I'm talking sometimes only 3-4 hours of sleep a nite! When I would talk to my doctor, he would say as long as you don't feel tired the next day then it's all okay. I finally learned to be okay with it and I would get up and do something.

So glad everything is going so well!!

8:10 AM  
Blogger Backpacker momma said...

I did serious side sleeping. Tuck a flattish pillow under the edge of your belly on the side and one between your legs (soudns sexy, I know). Worked for me.

And my wee one kicked like the maltesers commercial where the malteser goes flying off the ladies belly. You could actually watch her move on the surface of my belly. It was so cool. But always once i had lied down for bed. Of course.

3:21 PM  
Blogger Sitting in Silence said...

Oh.... I remember those first "Hello Movements"....

So Beautiful..... I am glad all is well.

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and Happy New Year !

3:57 AM  
Blogger AaroN said...

Butterbean says, "No more spicy food mommy."

11:48 AM  
Blogger Rock Chef said...

That is so great - I loved feeling ours kicking. You might have missed the fluttering stage because of the sort of semi-denial that people in your position often find themselves in. For my wife, the worst was when one of ours would press a foot against her bottom ribs and push...

As for names, with our first we had a name lined up and then changed it the moment we saw her - she just looked like a Sophie!

10:39 AM  

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