Monday, December 17, 2007

Holy Crappity

Ugh. Why is it that all I can seem to write these days are random mis-matched posts with 25 thoughts going on? I wish I at least had the excuse that my life is so thrilling that all I can manage is the occasional sporadic post of breathless events and social engagements. Too bad that is so very far from the truth.

One of
Reggie's recent posts has inspired me to throw caution to the wind and abandon my usual practice of numbering the goings on to make them more understandable. Instead I'll just type as they come...I understand if you just skip this post completely.

Last week was wild at work. For once I'm not going to get into it - but it was another one of those mouthhangingopen, areyoukiddingme, whatthefu$#isgoingonaroundhere kind of weeks. There were many expletives and door slammings flying about.

Friday night I was supposed to head out of town for a "girl's party" at one of my friends places. This translates into a gaggle of 20 somethings consuming copious amounts of liquor and fattening food, whilst gossiping, laughing, and occasionally busting into song when a good tune comes on. Sorry to disappoint the
boys who figure that it is really one giant sexy pillow fight, complete with lingerie and "accidental" kissing.
Anyways, at the ninth hour I did a very naughty thing. I texted my girlfriend and lied about why I couldn't come. Yep. I am a dirty liar. But at that point in time I just couldn't force myself to drive 45 minutes out of town to eat, but not be able to drink, only to have to drive back into the city early the next morning, especially with it already being the ungodly hour of 6pm.

Saturday morning
the husband and I went out to Perkins for breakfast - one of our favourite weekend activities. Ordinarily I hate Perkins food, and the 1988 decor leaves much to be desired; however, they make really kick-ass breakfasts.
Anyways, I had noticed our food seemed to be taking a while, and the restaurant was swamped, but that thought was fleeting as I was trying to finagle a plan to get myself a new cell phone.
About 10 minutes after I thought maybe we had been waiting a while, our waitress came over and apologized for the wait, and said our bill was taken care of. Score! Then the manager came over and told us the same thing, then handed us a $20 gift certificate by way of apology. Score again!
Weird. For once I was totally relaxed about having to wait and it got us a couple free meals. Hmmm.

Saturday night I was to go with the husband to his staff Christmas party. At about 2pm he went for a nap but I decided to stay up because I was hungry. My food of choice was a soft pretzel I had bought the day before, which had also come with a cheese sauce. I paid no mind to the fact that it had been sitting in my car for about 3 hours the night before, and then sitting on my counter the 16 or so hours since. That is, until 20 minutes after I ate it I was rocked by stabbing pains in my stomach and was hugging the porcelain throne.
Needless to say I didn't end up going to the party, and spent half the night bawling because I was worried poor little Butterbean was suffering through their own tiny set of cramps because of my stupidity.

Sunday I met
Princess for lunch, as has become our sort of standing date, but this time was also delighted to have BackpackerMomma and her daughter McK along with us. I love meeting blog people. In a way it's frightening, but so exciting as well.
She was awesome, never batting an eye when I would bust into some ridiculously large laugh, or when I began to get antsy over our sporadic, spastic server. She even brought presents! Now I don't know about you, but I can't really think of a better lunch date than that.
Plus, McK was so precious - and one of the cutest little girls I have ever seen - and I loved the fact that she wasn't shy. Yay! I, of course, was late, but after a few moments of intense eye contact, McK seemed to deem me acceptable, and it wasn't long before there were pictures being passed out like alcoholic bevvies.
She kept saying "Hey you girls" to Princess and I every time she wanted our attention, and was very accurate in her description of the stellar bathrooms.

Sunday night the husband and I headed over to Zig and Alyssa's to pick them up before heading out for an evening of coffee, dessert and jazz. Oh yeah - I was in heaven. Jazz has made a big comeback in my life as of late, I've missed it.

What else, what else?

Oh yeah, I did manage to get myself a new cell, as my baby pink Razr wasn't holding a charge for longer than one phone call. I landed myself a Blackberry Pearl, which makes me feel ultra-cool, never mind the fact that I can barely turn it on because it's so complicated.

The other thing? Butterbean needs a serious talking to, and apparently they are not willing to listen to me...already.
Every single night I am up between 1 and 2am. Like, I sit bolt upright and am wide awake. And it started out lasting about an hour before I was ready to force myself back to bed, but is now inching its way up to an hour and a half.

The husband and I have been reading that the baby should be in a routine of awake and resting periods now, and all we can think of is that Butterbean has decided that when I am in a deep sleep is the perfect time for them to show off.

I've tried having "discussions" with them that I need my sleep but it doesn't seem to make much of a difference.

I'm getting desperate - anybody have any suggestions?


Blogger Reggie said...

I am heart broken about the pillow fight thing. You just as well could have told me that there is no Santa Clause. I thought you girls did that, boy howdy.

4:44 PM  
Blogger mr zig said...

I know the pillow fight thing happens... you girls are just not ready to share the truth about the going-ons of these girl parties... but we know... yes we do!

11:35 PM  
Blogger Rock Chef said...

The best thing to do with the baby activity is relax and enjoy the show. At some point your stomach will start to move around as Butterbean kicks and stretches. It is totally amazing and there is nothing you can do about it. I think they are more active at night as during the day you are walking about and rocking them to sleep. When the rocking stops they think it is time to wake up!

5:48 AM  
Blogger Backpackermomma... said...

It was great meeting you too! McK still talks about you guys, all about "the next time we see the girls"...
And RC is right, the babes are still while you are moving as it lulls them into sleep, much like the rocking they often require to settle down once they are "out". McK would party down and play some serious soccer the moment I layed down to go to sleep. I learned to enjoy it and after one loss really needed to feel the movements, it kept it real for me. Try to enjoy them!!

9:26 AM  

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