Monday, July 30, 2007

The Dirty Thirty

I never get sick of these things...

1. When was the last time you shaved your legs?
At about 5:50 this morning.

2. What were you doing 15 minutes ago?
Dancing around my apartment to Candyman by Christina Aguilera.

3. Are you any good at math?
Give me a calculator and I'm awesome.

4. Your prom night?
Uh...I didn't lose my virginity that night if that's what you mean.

5. How many different beverages have you drank today?
Coffee, Pepsi, Water and Lemonade.

6. Do you ever leave messages on people's answering machines?
Do I ever.

7. Have you ever been to a planetarium?
No, no one will take me.

8. Something you are excited about?
The fact that my fingers are starting to numb up and callous from playing guitar.

9. Describe your key chain:
A heavy four leaf clover - gotta promote my roots!

10. Where do you keep your change?
In the bottom of my purse, in my piggybank, in the ashtray of my car, in cups, in my pockets, in my desk drawers, on the floor...hmm, maybe I have a problem...

11. When was the last time you spoke in front of a large group of people?
Depends what you mean by large...
10 people, a month or so ago at a meeting with clients.

30 people, doing presentations in college.
300 people, when I was valedictorian in high school.

12. Have you ever had a crush on a teacher?
Yeah, one of my profs in college was pretty spectacular.

13. Do you sleep with the door to your room open or closed?
Closed. Always.

14. What's a word that rhymes with "DUCK"?
I probably shouldn't say - but it's part of my everyday vocabulary.
I have a terrible potty mouth.

15. Big city or small town?
Small town for relaxing, big city for activities.

16. Who is the last person that called you?
The husband.

17. Do you read a lot?
I go in waves, right now I'm reading a lot.

18.What is one thing that makes you happy?
A good belly laugh.

19. If you're in a room with two beds, which one do you sleep on?
The one farthest away from the door.

20. Ever had a near death experience?
Yes - scariest time of my life.

21. How do you like your eggs?
Over hard, he he.

22. What's a word/phrase that you say a lot?
"Seriously?" or "I was like..."

23. Who told you he/she loved you last?
The husband.

24. How many drugs have you done in the last three days?
Oh, thousands. I'm a total druggie...if taking two tylenol yesterday for a pounding headache makes me a druggie.

25. Your worst enemy?
Myself sometimes.

26. What was the last thing you said to someone?
"Um, okay then, uh that's not good, okay, love you, bye."
(The husband was explaining something to me about his baseball game over the phone.)

27. Do you like someone?
Yep, I sure do.

28. The last song you listened to?
April Wine - Bad Side of the Moon.

29. What color underwear are you wearing?
Lime green with skulls and crossbones, and they say "Rebel" across the butt.

30. If you could be anywhere right now, where would that be?
Sitting in Monica's house in the Bahamas, sipping wine, eating Sex in a Pan, and occasionally jumping up to dance or sing along to whatever we were listening to.


Blogger Princess of the Universe said...

I love you Ali!

10:05 PM  
Blogger mr zig said...

why didn't you mention the REST of your awesome keychain? the oddly HUGE pink star your have on your keychain!! Who does that?! you're so weird sometimes! hehehe

as for the planetarium, don't bother. I just went a while ago, and It was bad... and I like educational stuff... It was just super lame.

and... I'm glad to hear your getting callouses! YAY!!!! That also means less pain in your fingers while you play!

10:45 PM  
Blogger Rock Chef said...

Candyman - love that song!

3:25 AM  
Blogger Irene said...

Well, I think planetariums are awesome and you should make Chris take you! Though I will admit I had a nice nap the last time I went, but it was mostly because of the lull of the night sky.
And noink, stealing this survey now :)

9:30 AM  
Blogger SmarshyBoy said...

It's not fair...I see a post called "dirty 30" and I furiously click on it hoping for a little somethin somethin.

But this was fascinating too.

9:29 PM  

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