Tuesday, April 17, 2007

The Princess Causes a Riot

Today was an interesting day at work, and I would love to share all the drama that is going on - but as Zig has pointed out on his blog, career wise it may not be such a wise decision. Let's just say that it is major drama - like whoa!

Anyways, besides being interesting, today was also entertaining. I laughed a lot (as per usual) and we went on a lunch hour roadtrip, which is one of the fabulous things about summer. Everyone piling into someones car and going somewhere off the beaten path just because we can. So much fun.

Blah, I'm babbling, back to the point of this post.

I came home tonight, walked in the door, gave the husband a knee buckling kiss, then we sat down to chat about our day's. Actually, he sat, and I draped myself across his lap on the couch. It seems ages since we've seen each other, and he's about to embark on solid night-shifts for the rest of the month - so our time together will be minimal to say the least.

Yikes, my mind is all over the place, sorry!

Okay, so we're chatting about our day's...and, uh...where was I going with this? Holy, I actually can't remember...damn geese...uh, oh yeah! I remember!

So we chatted and stuff, then he made supper and I decided to check blogs. I went down my list of links, checking for anyone that had updated since earlier in the day, and when I got to Princess of the Universe I was delighted to see that she had posted!

So I began to read her blog and instantly started to laugh. The way she writes is often how I would think about things, and today's post was particularly entertaining to me. So entertaining in fact, that I was laughing so much that the husband asked me what the hell was so funny. I told him to wait a sec, I wanted to post a comment and then I would read it to him.
So I clicked on the comments link and began to think about what I should write. I started picturing what I would do in her situation and for some reason it struck me as an incredibly hilarious scenario. I was trying to type, but kept laughing so hard that my eyes were squeezed shut. My laughter soon escalated to the point of screaming, and soon I was shaking uncontrollably and unable to catch my breath.
Since my laughter was deafening, thus blocking out the sound of Sportcentre, the husband began to snicker at the sheer volume of my laughs, and at the fact that I couldn't control myself. Finally, I choked down a couple of deep breaths and managed to regain my composure - or so I thought. About 3 seconds after I started typing again I was screaming my fool head off, laughing uncontrollably and now, suddenly, crying.
The husband is used to these sudden outbursts, and so just laughed at me while I spent the next 5 minutes crying and laughing. He kept asking me to just tell him what was so funny, but I seemed to be unable to string together any coherent words - and that just made him laugh more.

I've been back to read that post 3 times now (the spider one, by the way), and each time ends in me dissolving into a fit of giggles. I don't know if it's the mood I'm in or what - but if it's half as funny as I think it is, you need to check it out.

*Please ignore the spelling mistake in my comment - it's a good thing you guys had no idea that my profession is as an editor!


Blogger Princess of the Universe said...

Ali- you're my absolute favourite reader! Thanks for validating my complete and utter girlishness!

8:39 PM  
Blogger John said...

My wife hates spiders and once spent a day hiding in a wardrobe because one was in her bedroom.

3:48 AM  

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