Friday, April 20, 2007

I Know the Things I SHOULD Be Doing, But Who Wants To Do That?

Tonight the husband is working nights. He has been working nights all month. He was home last night, works tonight and Saturday night, has Sunday night off, works Monday night, has Tuesday night off, works Wednesday and Thursday night, then has a couple days before he guessed it - nights.
Now usually I don't mind when he works nights once in a while, but holy crap, I feel like I haven't seen him in ages. And since he's been on straight nights, we are on opposite schedules. I work all day, see him for an hour or so when I get home, he leaves for a shift, I sleep alone, am gone before he gets home, he sleeps all day, and the cycle continues. Poor husband.

So, now I am sitting here trying to decide what to do tonight. I am in a total dancing mood, but any friends I have are either in another part of the country, at home with their kids, or with their significant other. Plus, I quit going to the bars years ago - it's funny how when you're a teenager you think the bars are THE place to be. The girls all get into their bar get-ups (aka slutty shirts, hooker heels, and the tightest pants you can imagine without cutting off their circulation) and shake their ass all over the place, while most of the time the guys just stand around the dance floor appreciating all the flesh. Sooooo not what I'm into anymore. But sometimes, you just really want to dance - sigh, oh well, no clubs for this girl tonight.

There are 10 million other things I could be doing though...

For one, the summer sandal explosion at my front door has already started to take shape. Within a week or two there will be so many pairs of flip flops and heels at this door that I won't be able to get in or out of the house without almost breaking my neck. And no, I won't just put them away - how easily accessible would each pair be to try on each morning with that day's outfit?

I had my second guitar lesson earlier this week and have a new practice list from my teacher. And yikes! It is a big list. Apparently he thinks that I am some sort of wonder pupil...or else he just expects me to practice.

Hmmmmm...I'm just kidding - I
will practice, I promise!

Remember how a while ago I confessed my inability to put clothes away? Yeah, well this is the current stack on my dryer. And there is another full load inside the dryer...and about 6 more in various states of "awayishness" all over my bedroom.
Oh yeah, and one more on the spare bedroom bed - ugh.

When I got home I saw that the husband has been flipping through the "Homes" section of one of our local papers. We've recently decided that it's time for us to buy a house and have begun tentatively looking while we wait for our bank to get all our stuff in order.
It seems that paying nearly $800 a month for rent plus utilities is a little extravagant - who would have thought.

And, finally, here is my kitchen garbage. And - here is the reason why I've posted a picture of it.
After work today I was out and about for a few hours. On the way home I decided to stop at Tim Horton's and get a 12 grain bagel for supper. However, when I got to the window to pay they told me there were no 12 grain bagels left.
I said fine and to give me a plain bagel instead - because suddenly I had a craving for bagels and peanut butter. I drove home thinking about how good it would taste.
However, it had managed to slip my mind that the last time anyone had used peanut butter in my house was probably over a year ago. Needless to say, it was stale and tasted like ass. And I had spread that ass over my entire bagel before I had a bite. Yuck.
So the bagel and peanut butter went into the garbage. I had pickles for supper instead.

And now that I have enthralled you with a blog that doesn't make a lot of sense, doesn't really go with the title, and really isn't all that interesting - I must bid you adieu and go sit in the middle of my kitchen table to practice with my beloved Ramona.


Blogger Logziella said...

Congratulations on the 'house buying' thing!!! YAY!! Being a homeowner is SO much fun!

LOVE those cute black heels in your picture!

And, oh yah, my laundry is behind again...not quite as bad as last time but still! Don't feel too bad, you are in good company!

10:12 PM  
Blogger Princess of the Universe said...

I'm glad that you decided to come out with us tonight instead of staying at home to practice.
It's not like Zig can hold it against you since that's where we were!!

Man that was some crazy fog on the way home though!

12:48 AM  

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