Friday, March 16, 2007

Is THAT Enough?

I know I just posted about food yesterday - and my lack of it - but today I have a new spin on food...

Most of you have never met me in person - and therefore have never been out with me to have coffee or share a laugh over dinner. For those that have met me, you know that I am not much of an eater. Seriously, for what I eat I should weight about 110lbs - but of course, that just doesn't happen in the real world.
Nearly everyday when I go out for lunch with the people I work with I am mercilessly teased for my inability to finish a meal. I have worked with these people for nearly a year, but still they are fascinated by watching me attempt to eat my entire lunch, only to fail miserably halfway through.
The husband is used to my eating habits, and happily picks at my plate if he's still hungry, or delights in the fact that he now has lunch for the next day.
I don't know why I can't finish anything - but sometimes after several bites I am full enough to leave 3/4's of my meal on the plate - or pack it up so someone else can eat it later.
When the husband and I eat dinner at home together he is often done eating before I've even finished getting my plate ready. And it's not uncommon for me to still be trying to finish my plate an hour after I've started eating.
I haven't eaten fast food in months - no that's a lie - I think I had a burger from A&W about a month ago - but other than that it has literally been months since I've felt like eating it.
In light of yesterday's tragic dinner events, and because I won't be home to get groceries until Monday, I dropped the husband off at work and decided to run by Burger King to grab some dinner.
When I got home I sat down and unpacked my meal - a bacon cheeseburger (to which I added pickles of course), onion rings and a coke.
The first bite tasted like a happy burger parade in my mouth - yay!
The second was good.
The third one made me wonder why I had picked up fast food at all.
The fourth had me thinking "ew, do I really want to eat this?"
The fifth had me dreading any more bites.
And the sixth bite was when I decided to give up.
I ate some of the onion rings - went back to the burger for a couple more bites since I'd went out of my way to get the stupid thing, and then I threw in the towel.
Sheesh! One day I will finish an entire meal, mark my words.

P.S. In totally un-related news - the husband and I are heading to Dial-up Land tomorrow - so there will be no posts until at least Sunday night. Have a great weekend everyone!


Blogger mikedup said...

Hey ali... I was actually going to blog about this very subject in the near future. My girlfriend is the same way and at first I furrowed (sp?) my brow at it but then soon realized that it meant more food for me.

Have a great weekend in dialup country...

7:07 AM  
Blogger mr zig said...

Hey Ali - I've got to say, the other day I was very proud of you for ALMOST finishing your lunch... you finished 5 1/2 out of 6 mozza sticks! not bad! - I bet if you skipped breakfast you coulda done all 6! :)

12:45 AM  

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