Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Is Anyone Still Awake Out There?

It's eleven p.m.
I am so freaking tired that words cannot express how badly I want to crawl into my big, warm bed and crash - but for you, my 4 (or so) loyal readers, I will prop my eyes open and attempt some form of blogesque writing.
As I mentioned yesterday, I had quite the mountain of work waiting on my desk when I got into the office. I brought some home last night and worked just over 2 hours.
Today I worked like a mad woman and got a bunch more stuff done. Then one of my co-workers, who shall remain nameless...cough, hack, wheeze, Zig, sniffle, pant, cough...drops another magazine on my desk. Since I just finished the one he gave me yesterday (after 45 minutes in the office and 3 hours at home), I will do what I can to finish the newest delivery tomorrow, but I am refusing to bring home any work tomorrow night.
I am in desperate need of a day of catching up in the office. I have about 16 To-Do lists scattered across my desk, 3 piles of "must take care of this ASAP" stuff, 20 emails that I was supposed to find answers for but haven't had time to, and a months worth of timesheets that were due last week. I am hoping to take tomorrow afternoon to catch up on all that junk.

Since the husband and I seem to be pretty consistent with being broke, we have reached that time between pay periods where there isn't much to eat - well, not that we want to eat anyways, and where our imaginations just aren't working enough to come up with something creative.
But maybe I should be speaking for myself here...the husband never ceases to amaze me with the um...interesting concoctions he comes up with.
Take tonight for example: I knew I had lots of work to do and I was cold, so I decided to make some cream of chicken soup. Simple, easy, tasty - my idea of a quick supper.

The husband, on the other hand decided to make chili. I realize that chili is not such a weird meal choice. It's more the way he doctors it up that makes me cringe.
First he dumps a can of Stag Chili in a pot, then grabs some frozen meatballs from the freezer and throws them in, then grabs the frozen corn niblets from the freezer and throws a handful in.
The result was the disgusting pot of blech below.
Ewwwww...fake chili mixed with meatballs mixed with niblets, yuck!

I asked him tonight how (and why) he always comes up with these really gross concoctions. His mom is an awesome cook, and she always has meals ready for the family - we rarely have to fend for ourselves at her house.
He said that nothing he ever comes up with tastes bad, it just looks gross. This coming from the man who once ate fried eggs with a cheese slice on top, on top of rye bread, with strawberry jam slathered on top, and I think he may have even dipped the whole thing in ketchup - although he will say that I've made the ketchup part up. I can't believe he doesn't have nightmares from what he eats.

As you may have noticed since I've began posting photos again, I've found my camera!
It was missing for just over a month. You'll never guess where it was.
It was...in my purse...the whole time...and I have carried it around with me...for the entire month...totally unaware that the stupid thing was with me...and I made my parents search their entire house...twice...because I was convinced it was there. Sigh, sometimes the most obvious place is the last one we would look.
In my defense I actually did search my purse, just not in that particular pocket which is located on the back of the purse. I don't use that pocket for anything so I never dreamed it would have slid in there.
There is really no way to explain how this isn't my fault in any way that would be beneficial to me or make me look any less ridiculous - so we'll just leave it that I found my camera, and whaddaya know, it was in the most remarkable place!


Whew, considering how tired I was this sure turned out to be a long (if boring) post. I think I've gotten my second wind...oh, no wait, there it goes - guess I'm off to bed.


Blogger James said...

Well I have had a two hour nap then logged back on because I had to wake up to look after baby who has just fallen asleep. Laundry Fairy has a doctor's appointment.
I know where your husband is coming from with his quick snacks. Sometimes it is about quantity and speed rather than nutrition and taste...
I know you are fibbing about the ketchup though....no human being would eat THAT....would they?

4:55 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm not getting the corn thing. We make a comfort food that has corn, ground beef, onions, green pepper, garlic, tomato sauce, and some other stuff Gigi throws in and it's like a stew. They make it usually when the family gets together in Alabama. I never heard of the stuff until I married but I like it.

2:58 PM  
Blogger Ali said...

He threw the corn in so he had some sort of vegetable in I guess. Who knows, he eats weird stuff.
The meal you're talking about sounds kind of like goulash, and every family seems to have their own version about what goes into that.
I'm all for mixing stuff if it goes well together, it's just that he picks things that seem so gross together.

3:34 PM  

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