Sunday, November 26, 2006

It's Beginning To Look a Lot Like...A Big Mess In Here

Happy day to you all. I've been having a great weekend so far and hope that you have as well. I got half of my work done yesterday - still have to do a fairly large pagination, but I'm feeling pretty focused so it should be okay.
Anyway, since my beloved camera is still M.I.A., I've resorted to drawing hideous pictures of what I've been up to. I really do know how bad this picture is, and am well aware of what it will do to the semi-artistic ability that some of you believe I have.
In my own defense, I did this picture in the Paint program on my computer; man is that sucker hard to work with. I had to draw my face about 15 times because it kept being really round on one side and then the other side would always be caved in or all jagged. Needless to say I laughed like a big nerd the whole time I was drawing it. Whatever makes you happy, right?
And you may think that I put myself in that horrendous outfit just for artistic flair.
You would be sadly mistaken, for my outfit this weekend has consisted of a blue thermal long sleeve shirt, purple velour pants, and those hideous redy/pinky fuzzy slippers. When I'm feeling chilly, I even have the matching purple velour jacket to go with those hot pants. Oh baby, I am lookin' go-od.
Guess what? I still haven't started my Christmas cards - and I really can't see it happening anytime the rest of today. Oh well, they will probably be late as per usual.
I have managed to drag out most of the Christmas decorations, some are up, but most are littering the living room and dining room floors. I did put up my nativity scene last night - I love doing that part. A couple years ago I had my grandpa build me a little stable out of some scraps of wood he had at his house, what he built was very simple but I love it, and he can't see well enough to build things like that anymore, which makes it all the more special.
I also have this cute snowman face that I hang on our door, in between the heavy door and the screen door. Only problem with that is that the curtain on the heavy door is kind of see-thru; therefore when there is an outside light on there is a silhouette of what appears to be a very big man peeking in our door. This results in me screaming every time I glance at the door. Each year we go through this and sometimes it even startles the husband - but the snowman is so cute that I can't bear to put him anywhere else.
But I'm procrastinating by sitting around here, writing to you all, plus I've stopped like 20 times to sing (more like screech) along with the cd I have on - so this has actually taken me about 45 minutes to write, instead of the 20 it should have.
Have a great rest of the weekend my lovelies!


Blogger j.k.a said...

oh my word, I haven't even bought christmas cards yet! and of course our first "married" christmas everyone and their dog will be expecting one...

I could always do one of those news letter

12:48 AM  
Blogger Ali said...

Actually I bought my cards over a month ago, just because they were super cheap and really cute - not because I'm an efficient person!
LOL, please, please don't send one of those news letters, they are one of the gayest greetings ever.
A few people might be able to pull them off, like a mom with 6 kids and on the verge of insanity just thinking about writing 50 separate cards, but definitely not a hip, 20 something newlywed. I beg of you - please don't! :-)

8:15 AM  

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