Thursday, October 19, 2006

That Looks Just Like...

Don't have anything really enlightening to write about today so I just thought I would post this disturbing, yet funny, picture. That is, it's funny to anyone who's as immature as I am sometimes.
Last night the husband and I were tired and couldn't decide what to make for supper. He finally decided to make smokies and I decided to have eggs and toast - thrilling I know.
So he makes his dinner and then I hear him laughing from the other room as I'm buttering my toast. I went in and he was laughing at his plate. I asked him if he set it up to look like that and he told me he didn't intentionally (whether or not I believe that is hard to say) but it was funny anyways so I decided to take a picture.
It's gross, but funny - I hope it makes you laugh too.


Blogger Logziella said...

I am laughing!!!!

I can't let my husband see it or he will get 'ideas' in his head...and I am tired tonight!


6:46 PM  

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