Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Ah...The Life of a "Grown-Up"

Tonight I got a ride home from my boss - that is one awesome woman, let me tell ya!
Anyways, I walked in the door and hubby had supper ready, as we usually do for each other when one of us is working.
Supper was great, we saw each other for about a half hour then he was out the door to the hospital for a night shift. He'll breeze through the door about 10 minutes before I leave for work in the morning, quality time hey?
So yeah, he closes the door behind him and I walk into the kitchen to put my plate in the dishwasher and I'm faced with what you see above.
He did make supper for me, but my god, is it any wonder why I get so pissed off when I come home from a day of work (when he had the entire day off) and find a disaster area like this!?
Whatever, I bit my tongue, I didn't swear once (really!) and began to clean up the disaster. Then I dragged my ass to the grocery store, came home and whipped up another veggie tray and dip that I have to take to work tomorrow, worked on some freelance, emailed Reggie the recipe for the muffins, watched Kink and now here I sit.
And since the husband is gone for the night I'm listening to a mix of Johnny Cash, Chixdiggit and Etta James (a very weird combo, I know). I'm also enjoying my "wine" which I mentioned in my list of stuff (The Idiosyncrasies link) is something I like to do when I'm by myself and feeling grown-up.
Yum, think I'll finish off the bottle and go to bed...oh baby, I'm so in need of a full night of snore-free, bed-hogging deep sleep. Have a good night!


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