Thursday, August 24, 2006

Nothing Compares To Your Own Bed

Today was another wild day at work. You know those days when you have a "To Do" list about 30 items long and you don't even get to one of the items? Such was my day. I got a lot done; just not what I was planning on working on.
Then I came home where the husband had dinner waiting. We started fighting about 32 seconds after I walked in the door (actually I was yelling, he wasn't really saying much of anything). We sat down to start eating and I decided my spaghetti didn't taste right, so I pitched a little fit (I had a little break-down okay?) and wouldn't eat anymore.
Then my husband asked what he could do to help me out and I told him that the only way I would be happy was if he went to Dairy Queen and got me a Moolate - which are so good they're almost orgasmic - and go to 7-11 and get me loonies to pay for my parking tomorrow.
So he went.
Sometimes I am such a pain in the ass, that dude must really love me...or else he knows what hell was in store for him for the rest of the night if I wasn't made happy.
Regardless, I was happy once I had my chilled coffee drizzled in caramel in my system, and then I started to get sleepy.
Which is how we ended up in our bed for a nap at about 7:15 tonight. I really do desperately want babies - but wow, is it great just to strip down and crawl into bed whenever you want. I think that quick "nap" made me even more tired, maybe it's time for bed for the night!

Oh yes, before I bid you adieu, I'll just tell you that I'm heading to the Land of Dial-Up for the weekend so I'm not sure if I'll be posting for a couple days or not. The small miracle with that is that the computer I ordered for my parents got delivered this week, so of course they need me to go home, dismantle the old one and set up the new system. The miracle is that the new computer is still dial-up, but it should move a little more quickly than their old one. Because when I say "old" I'm talking moldy. Moldy like a PC from 1994. Yes, 12 years old. And has never been cleaned out. Ever.
We'll see how frustrated I am over the weekend. Have a good one!


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