Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Mean Girl

Have you ever known one of those people that just seems to hate your guts for no apparent reason? Like you don't even know who they are, have never talked to them, never said "Hi" or "F-You" or "Man, can you believe this weather we're having?"
There is a girl who lives in my building that gives me that vibe.
I live in an apartment building, except it's only 2 stories and is more like townhouses than apartments. We all have our own outdoor entrance, patio/deck, etc. We have lived here for almost 3 years now and a lot of other people have come and gone.
The apartment beside us has been occupied about 4 times since we've been here. But 'Mean Girl' and her boy-toy moved in about 7 months ago or so. I rarely see either one of them, there might actually be another guy living there too, it's hard to tell.
Anyways, the boy-toy is very friendly, he says hi and was very concerned for me when my car got stolen in February - but that's it - it doesn't go beyond saying "Hi" or "Holy shit what happened to your car?"
The first day I saw Mean Girl she was with some other chick and they were getting out of her car as I was getting out of mine. She looked over at me and as I opened my mouth to say hi she whipped her head around to her friend and said "I can't believe the people that live here, they're like sooo trashy" or something to that effect. Her friend turned to look at me, then they both laughed and stepped out in front of me and walked into her place.
I was still standing at my car with my mouth hanging open by the time they got to her door.
Those who know me, know that besides being messy I also tend to have somewhat of a temper. I managed to keep fairly cool but needless to say, the husband got an earful when I stomped into the house muttering "well I never..." and all that good stuff.
Since that day, Mean Girl has continued to make snarky remarks and go out of her way to snub me if we have to walk past each other. Just what is up Mean Girl's ass? I have no idea - but I'm guessing it must be a hot poker wrapped in barbed wire, otherwise this girl is just a bitch.

Today was no exception to the crankiness of Mean Girl - except this time when she shot me a dirty look when we were getting out of our cars I said (in the most sugary-sweet voice you've ever heard) "Look bitch, I never did anything to you so why don't you pull your twisted panties out of your fat ass and lose the attitude?"
I am pleased to report that I left her at her car staring after me with a gaping mouth today - sometimes people just need a taste of their own medicine.

PS If you click on this picture you should be able to see my 'beautiful' drawing. Enjoy.


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Yes, I know a guy that is a few bricks shy of a load.

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