Monday, August 21, 2006

Mwaaa haaaa haaa (that's my evil laugh)

Guess what? It's late and, surprise, I'm tired! I should be in bed of course but I find that I've become addicted to the world of Blogger. Either posting on my own or reading other people's.
I think I may actually be overtired - I was sitting here using the hammer to fix a clasp on a pair of my shoes, cleaning out my purse and reading some blogs.
Three things happened while I was doing all that: I found a co-workers sunglasses in my purse from Friday night, I decided that I want to take some pickles to work to munch on tomorrow and I thought it would be really funny to do some "damage" to above mentioned co-workers sunglasses.
Mwaaaa haaaa haaaa, what to do, what to do?
I could smash them into itty bitty pieces and give them to him in a baggie all ground into plasticy dust, or I could pop the lenses out and say that that's the way he gave them to the end I won't really do anything.
I'm sure I'll get some sort of comment about this - but rest assured I am just tired, the sunglasses are safe and I'm sitting here laughing over this whole stupid post.
Hmmmmmm, I think I need a pickle right now...


Blogger mr zig said...

Hm... well I don't really know what to say... cuz depending on what I say, the safety of my sunglasses could STILL be compromised! - But, I’m just glad that you publicly stated that "in the end you won't do anything to them” -yay!!! cuz, you know, without those sunglasses I am just not as cool - they complete me

7:39 AM  

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