Thursday, July 20, 2006

Who Says Blondes Have More Fun?

So as you can sort of see from this picture (it was dark at my house, sorry) my hair is no longer that blondey-redy-yellowy kind of colour as on my profile.
While I did like my hair that colour, it has been ages since I've been some colour other than varying shades of blonde.
So, in true Gemini fashion, I decided that I needed something different and I needed it NOW. Once I decide something like that I will go out of my way (and into everyone elses) to get it done. It turns out that I had to wait 5 days (which almost killed me) because my hairdresser was away on holidays.
So tonight I told her I needed something dramatic and that I wanted my hair very dark with red/caramel highlights. She asked me if there was any chance we could discuss it and I said, not a chance, let's go.
Once she admitted defeat with a big sigh and a laugh - she knows that there is no changing my mind - we set out to make me look gorgeous (or at least brunette). For the next hour or so I looked like a scary version of Medusa, minus the snake heads but plus tinfoil.
The end result was some dark ass hair (I'll post better pictures later) but I love it, it's just the kind of change I needed. Whadaya think?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love the new, look at those of the MANY things I love about her (and why I married her!!)

1:32 PM  

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