Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Yeah, those are my pants

Surprise, surprise...only a couple weeks into this whole blogging thing and I'm already apologizing for missing days.
Anyways, one of the guys I work with and I were trying to think of things to write about in our blogs today - it always seems that I only have ideas when I'm nowhere near a paper or pen; like in the middle of a conference call while I'm speaking, when I'm going pee, when I'm at the border talking to a customs agent. Always the most inopportune times.
So yeah, whoa, went on a bit of a tangent there - so we're talking about blog ideas and his wife calls him and he says something about his idea of a comfortable night is to be at home with no pants on.
And that, my friends, got me thinking.
Why is it so great not to have pants on? I mean, there are some wonderful comfy pants out there that are soft and warm and cuddly and would strike most people as the perfect bumming around attire.
However, as a pantless girl myself, I have to agree that no pants is the only way to go. Basically I walk in the door, kiss my husband, walk into the bedroom and de-pants. Sometimes, like today, I make it about 5 steps inside the front door before I strip down, and then I proceed to leave my pants in the middle of the entryway. Why?
Well firstly, my husband is out of town, so I can be as messy as I want, secondly, my apartment was stifling and I got a blast of heat as soon as I opened the door, thirdly, I picked up a 6 inch veggie sub from Subway for supper (oily sub sauce is a no-no for white pants, or any pants for that matter) and fourthly, I just love to not have pants on.
Half the time my husband and I just walk around in our underwear and in the last while I've met quite a few people who also enjoy going pantless whenever possible.
What about you? Do you enjoy the no pants aspect when you're at home? If you're usually a fully clothed person, I highly recommend trying the pantless, or even naked route. I bet that within a week you'll be completely comfortable and itching every day to get home and de-pants.


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