Friday, July 07, 2006


Yikes...what a crazy week! The other editor where I work is on holidays this week and most of next so I've been doing my work as well as hers. I can't believe how much crap there is to take care of at work!
As I mentioned before, I've only been working at this place for about two and a half months, so I'm still pretty much a newbie. The other editor has been fantastic about easing me into the job - giving me new things each week to kind of build up the level of how much responsibility I have.
I totally appreciate the way she's done that because I haven't felt too overwhelmed this way.
But, oh my ef-in god! With her gone it is complete chaos.
I don't know if I've actually finished anything I've started yet this week. As soon as I get 5 minutes into something and make some progress, either my phone is ringing, or my email is dinging, or one of the (he, he) whiney designers needs my help with something.
Man, once I read over that, I totally sound like a big suck. The truth is - I feel totally chaotic, but for the most part I thrive in that type of environment.
The more people are freaking that what they need needs to be done "RIGHT NOW!" the more hyped up I get. The more pressure the better. I think that's why I like doing freelance writing though. Sometimes I get calls at six o'clock at night because a story is due in the morning and I have to drive to the other side of the city to do an interview (because of course the person I'm interviewing can't take pictures of the new retractable fence they've created for their uncle's cattle farm out of pipe cleaners, wood glue, old bicycle tires and pine cones and just email them to me - oh no - they don't even own one of "dem der new fangled com-pooters that all you yung punks have deese days") so why don't I just hop on my sky-rocket and be there in 20 minutes?
But I digress, yes I do enjoy the pressure of tight deadlines regardless of what I have to do to get the job done. The crazier the better.
So the pics above are my disaster area desk at about 4:30 this afternoon, and the other is the frustration I took out on the Winnie the Pooh punching bag that we actually have in the office.
Tomorrow is another day, whooo roadtrip! So have a great weekend!


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I am enjoying your posts. I understand your Gemini mind. Keep them coming.


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