Monday, July 17, 2006

Family Ties

Remember the Robin's eggs from a few posts ago? The fuzzy little bird to the left is one of those eggs, the other 3 are behind him but this one was hanging out of the nest checking me out so he got to have his picture taken. The other pic is the railroad bridge in my parents town that goes over the river that separates Ontario from Minnesota.
Anyways, obviously I went home again this weekend. There was a lot of family down and it was my brothers 14th birthday so there was stuff going on all weekend.
I was supposed to come home last night (it's a 3 hour drive back to the city) but I got drinking with some of my family members and ended up staying up till about 2am. I was up at 5:30 to drive back to the city this morning, but of course I was running late so I careened into the city at about 8:52am.
Let's just say that I drove fast enough to knock 30 minutes off my driving time. Thank god the cops are all too lazy to be up at that time of the morning cruising the highway.
Anyways, I have good feelings about this week - since last week was such a nightmare it can only get better, right? Right? Someone better think I'm right - I can't take any more bad luck.


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