Tuesday, July 04, 2006


Oh man, what a loser I am.
My husband is currently working nights so since I was away at my parents house all weekend I figured that I'd take tonight after work to do some junk I've been putting off. Not what most would call a thrilling evening I realize, but sometimes it's nice just to sit around, uninterrupted, and leisurely do what you gotta do.
So at the advice of a co-worker, I decided to have some wine while I was getting all my stuff done. (He actually advised me to get wasted, but I figured a glass or two would suffice.) Anyway, so I came home, had a quick supper with the hubby before he left, slipped into some comfy duds, turned on some tunes and realized that there was no wine in the house.
Fine, whatever, I'm not going to complain - I have a cupboard full of liquor that rarely sees the light of day. So I mix myself a drink, crank up the tunes and proceed to go about my good wife duties. I throw in a load of laundry, iron my pants for tomorrow, and begin going through the literal mountain of papers on our kitchen table. (Do most people actually eat at their table? The concept is foreign to me.)
I get through about a third of the papers and decide that it's time for another drink, so off I go into the kitchen to mix it up. Then the idea pops into my mind that I deserve to sit on the couch for a few minutes and savour my drink. So I sink into the couch, congratulating myself on being such a good girl and getting so much accomplished. Then the phone rings...but I find myself puzzled that I can't actually see the phone from where I am. What the hell? Where am I?
As I peel myself off the couch (where I have unceremoniously planted myself face first), I realize as the answering machine picks up that I have been out cold for over an hour.
And to add insult to injury, I now have a dried puddle of drool on my couch that has to be scrubbed off.
Somehow, my drink glass is empty, although I don't actually remember finishing that drink, nor deciding it would be a good idea to lie down and have a nap.
I am either the cheapest drunk or the biggest loser ever - maybe a touch of both. Either way, it's sweltering in here, I'm tired and all I wanna do is go to bed. 'Night.
PS I noticed my blog posting time is actually a lot earlier than it really is here, so in an effort to redeem a little bit of coolness, (oh yeah, this makes me cool) it's actually 11pm here, not 8 or whatever the posting time says. Oh baby...I am sooooo cool.


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