Wednesday, July 19, 2006

I may have my ass kicked for this...but I'm willing to risk it

The guy to the right is one of the people I work with at my new job. For his anonymity, let's call him Eric.
Eric as you can see, is camera shy. He is also a little bit people shy. When I started at the job he was a little standoffish, and truth be known I was a little terrified of him. He didn't talk to me, he avoided all eye contact, and generally I just got the feeling that he didn't want me around.
Over the last couple of months I've come to realize that this guy is in fact nothing like my first impression. (I can just hear my second grade teacher lecturing me not to judge a book by it's cover.)
It turns out that he is very sweet, very complimentary and a crazily interesting person. He says things sometimes that are so funny, but it's almost as though he's surprised at how funny he actually is. He's not a showboat like I tend to be, always needing to be the center of attention; but rather observes quietly (except when he's groaning or swearing loudly in his office) and makes a point when he needs to.
I've found that he will make eye contact with me now that he knows me a little better, and if I ask he's willing to let me have a peak into his mind.
He also tries to be very tough; for example, he'll tell me he read my blog (which makes me happy) then he'll say that he can't remember what it was about (which totally rips me off). Today he said he read it last night just to make sure I didn't write anything about him, which I of course, took as an invitation to write all about him.
He threatened all kinds of things if I went through with this, (I imagine I may be murdered just for the picture) but please 'Eric', just know that I did this because I think you're fantastic.
(I know you're blushing.)

Here's hoping I'm still alive to blog tomorrow!


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